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3 Ways to Ensure Your Child’s School is Hygienic

Kids can transfer germs very quickly. School classrooms and play areas can house lots of germs that your kids can bring home and catch illnesses from. Ensuring your child’s environment is clean and hygienic can be a tricky task when you have no direct control over one of the places they spend a huge amount of time at: their school. That isn’t to say you can’t do anything though! Here are some tips for ensuring your child’s school is hygienic.

1. Teach Your Child

Instilling proper habits in your children will ensure that they are healthy and clean at school. Not being able to hold their hand throughout the day anymore, you can’t be sure that they’ll always do the right thing. However, you can be proactive in your approach by teaching them while they are at home. Ask your children the important questions and give them the answers they need to understand the significance of hygiene. How do germs spread? Why is it important to be clean? What is proper practice? Why should I wash my hands after using the restroom? Why should I wash my hands before I eat? Why shouldn’t I share drinks or other things with other children? This transfer of knowledge at a young age will help your children to grow with good hygiene and to be safe while you are not around.

2. Speak to the Teachers

Ask the faculty and staff about their procedures on hygiene. Do they teach proper procedures in the classroom? Do they monitor the children to ensure they are following instructions? Are there tissues, hand-sanitiser, disinfecting wipes, or power towels that are easily accessible for children to reach? How often are the supplies used and cleaned? Do the teachers practise what they teach to the kids and lead by example? Ask the teachers, but then also ask your children when they get home. You are trying to keep your children safe, so you want to make every effort to ensure the school you send them to is reinforcing this good behaviour.

3. Research the School’s Hygiene/Safety Policies

Schools should have in place a health and safety policy that outlines the proper steps and procedures for emergencies and day-to-day activities. Obtain a copy and familiarise yourself with what the guidelines say. Is the policy adequate and have you seen evidence of it being implemented in the school? Challenging a policy can be difficult, especially as a parent, but don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel an insufficient policy is putting your child and others at risk. The school’s hygiene policy should also mention what procedures they follow in terms of keeping the school clean. You can feel confident that your child’s school values hygiene as much as you do if they use a professional cleaning company that specialises in school cleaning, such as AMC Cleaning.

School is where your child will spend the majority of their day during the week, so it makes sense to want to make sure the environment is as safe as can be. Do you have any extra tips you could share with other parents who want to do so? Comment below.

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