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3 Things to Don When You Are Bored on the Job


My first serious full-time job was a clerk at a company selling paints. It was exciting and fun at first, but then winter came – a time when nobody paints – so I had nothing to do all day long. I had to be there in case a customer dropped in. But a typical work day between December and February was extremely boring. I guess many of you are in a similar situation – maybe even you, reading these lines right now. Here are some tips on what you can do to fill all those empty hours.

1. Learn

I used my long winter days on the job, when no customers were around, to learn to code. I started with HTML and CSS, and moved on to PHP – when I left the company, I had the skills of a junior web developer. And I did all that in the time I spent idly in front of my computer.

If you have a computer at hand, and also an internet connection (a standard for most jobs nowadays), you have all that it takes to learn something new. The internet is full of information – all you have to do is reach out and assimilate it. It beats sitting idly and waiting for a customer to come, for sure – and the long term benefits are huge.

2. Play

Playing a game is a perfect way to fill the boring hours on the job – especially if you are alone in your office or in the shop. I’ve tried it quite a few times – finally I ended up playing on a daily basis at Royal Vegas Online Casino, which has become my favorite casino over time. Royal Vegas has everything I was looking for at the time – exciting games to kill time, amazing specials and promotions, and the opportunity to become rich. While I’ve never hit any jackpots at Royal Vegas, I’ve seen my name quite a few times on its Winner’s Wall. Playing there has proven not only a perfect way to fill some boring hours at work, but also a “side job” that put a few extra bucks in my pocket month after month.

3. Look for a new job

If you are bored at work, it’s obvious that something’s not right. If it’s seasonal, like in my case, there’s not much you can do about it, but if you otherwise can’t find the satisfaction you need at your workplace, maybe it’s time to look for a new one. As I said above, I left my job with a skill set I learned during the boring hours of winter – a skill set that landed me a new job.

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