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The Benefits of Using Fundraising Discount Cards!

When it comes to kids fundraising, one of the most popular items to help with good causes is fundraiser discount cards. If you have yet to benefit from these great items though, you may wonder what all the fuss about them is. In the following post we will look at 4 great reasons why you should invest in fundraiser discount cards for your next event or promotion, whether you are in charge of raising funds for a non-profit organization such as a local sports team, church or school.

Virtually No Planning Necessary

Fundraising discount cards are very easy to organize for your event and require little to no planning. You simply order the cards from the company of your choice and the rest is up to them. It is normally the responsibility of the discount card provider to contact local businesses where you are located to find willing participants. They then print the amount of cards you need and normally offer the service of customizing them so they are designed with the logo or name of the building or organization you are raising funds for.

They Offer Fantastic Profits

It’s simple economics really – the more you order and distribute, the higher the profit margins will be. So depending on the size of your operation and how many cards each group or individual are selling, will determine how much money you generate for your charity or non-profit.

Customers and General Members of the Public Love Them

Because fundraising discount cards are for a good cause, normally a very local one and offer extremely good value for money, people really love them. Compared to selling cookies, cookie dough or candy bars, where the only real benefit is that their sweet tooth gets a hit – fundraising discount cards really do give back to the local area. It is one method that can really do wonders for encouraging support for the local community.

Easy For Those Participating To Use

Think back to other ways you have raised money in the past at your events and promotions – car washes, auctions, selling jerky, popcorn, items from catalogs and baked goods to name a few. Although many of these are very effective, they are not as easy as using fundraising discount cards. They are incredibly easy to handle and sell, whether the person doing it is 7 or 70. You don’t need to carry big and bulky boxes around and you don’t need to chase up catalog orders or worry about your cookies or candies spoiling. All you need to do is sell handy packets of discounts and vouchers. This is especially important, from a kids fundraising point of view as you don’t want to give them anything too weight or too responsible to deal with.

So, it is very easy to see that there are some really amazing benefits to using fundraising discount cards like those available through the Xtraman Fundraising cards program. By switching to this easier, more convenient way of raising money, you may actually increase the amount you and your children raise.

Time Studying Abroad – The Benefits

If you are a student looking for an interesting, exciting and culturally more diverse experience from studying at college or university, have you ever considered the prospect of studying abroad? Even if you are returning to educations, there is a lot to be gained from studying abroad. In the following post we will look at some of the key benefits of the the CEA Study Abroad Program and many others like it.

As was discovered in a study conducted recently among CEOs, many see employees who have experience studying abroad as more than just examples of studying abroad. The importance of individuals undertaking education in a foreign country means that they are also put through a comprehensive and immersive language program too, as well as being taught skills that you can only learn when you live and study in another country.

Helps With Your Career

Studying abroad not only gives you the skills and education you need in your chosen field, but can also make you a better candidate for positions. Companies, especially those who operate on a global level, see it as a huge positive if they find job applicants have experience studying in a country where they provide services or products.

Even if they don’t have globally reaching aspirations, workplaces on a domestic level are becoming increasingly culturally diverse places, with immigrants and asylum seekers being given jobs. Therefore, if you have studied successfully abroad, it sends out a clear message to an employer that you are okay and work well with people from all walks of life and ethnicity and may even be able to help when challenges such as translation issues come up.

Improves You As A Person

Personality wise and how you are able to deal with the world, are further ways that studying abroad can be beneficial. When you study abroad you learn how to be confident and independent, while learning how to deal with ever-changing environments and situations you are unfamiliar with.

Overall, you can become a more tolerant, patient and understanding individual, particularly towards the needs and desires of people from other parts of the world. Which is something that most company owners and employers look for in prospective employees.

Increasing Demand For People With Experience Working or Studying Abroad

As the world becomes increasingly border less, not just in the business world but in general, studying abroad can be a huge and positive step towards helping you find your feet in this more globally diverse world. As we noted further up the page, there is always a need for people who can speak more than one language and often the best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in the culture that influences that language and spending time around people who speak that language.

There is no better way to get that kind of experience than by studying abroad. So if you are interested in improving your job prospects, want to add to your CV and expand your level of experience and skill set. You should seriously consider the prospect of studying abroad.

How New Moms Can Deal Stress With CBD Oil?

We all know that being a new Mom is a very stressful time. While we have some practice at not sleeping during pregnancy, when the baby is born our sleep levels plummet. At the same time, we have high expectations that society demands of us – get back to work, lose the baby weight, manage a home and family all at the same time. And do it while looking good and with a sense of humor!

Needless to say, few Moms manage to do it all. The pressure, the changes in both Moms bodies and in the stressful way of life can often trigger both depression and anxiety. It’s a difficult time. But there is something that can be done about it. Take a look at CBD oil.

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is derived from hemp plants. It looks a bit like cannabis which might send alarm bells ringing, but hold it, it isn’t from marijuana. In fact, extracts from marijuana are illegal in most states.  This is because cannabis has two different stimulants, one of which is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which gives the high that drug takers seek. However, all states have now legalized the extraction of cannabidiol. It’s extracted as an oil, which can be used in lots of different ways. You definitely don’t smoke it!

How Does CBD oil work?

CBD oil works on the receptors in the brain. The CBD stimulates the receptor 5-HT1A which fires serotonin. Serotonin, as you are probably aware, impacts our emotions. It is a mood stabilizer and it helps with sleeping and eating as well as digestion. It helps with depression which would include postpartum depression. You can see how that would help a new Mom! By taking a little CBD oil every day, you will improve your mood, and help your body cope with the demands of a new baby.  It’s a natural way to get the help you need without turning to anti-depressants from the doctor.

CBD oil and Anxiety

Being a new Mom can be a horrible time for anxiety. We worry about the baby, is he or she eating enough? Does she have wind? Am I stimulating her enough? Does she need less stimulation? Why won’t she sleep? It goes on and on. Along with the normal worries of the responsibility of a new baby, there are the social pressures of going back to work and being seen to be doing exactly what is right for your new little one. So can CBD help? Yes, indeed it can. Let’s look at a study to find out about CBD oil for anxiety.

In 2010 there was a small study done on the effects of cannabidiol on anxiety. Researchers found that people with social anxiety disorder felt better after taking CBD regularly. Not only that, on examining the brain, they found that cannabidiol actually changed the way the brain reacted to anxiety! It’s great to know about the effects of the best CBD oil for anxiety. This means it can reduce the stress on a new Mom.

While there have been many studies done on marijuana and its effects, there have been far fewer studies on CBD effects. But the ones that have been done have been very positive. There definitely needs to be more done on the effects of CBD on the body, and how it can help everyone, including new Moms. Take the time to help yourself the natural way by adding CBD to your diet.