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Male or Females Best Suited for Home Education


Girls and boys are wired differently. From even before birth, boys’ brains function differently than girls. They are flooded with more testosterone, which helps to shape the brain. It also makes boys more naturally curious and more prone to running, jumping and exploring. For this reason, boys make excellent candidates for homeschooling, as curriculum and teaching methods and ideals can be developed to uniquely meet the needs of each individual. This ultimately will help to keep your son interested, inspired and eager to learn. Using unconventional and “fun” practices can do wonders for opening your son’s mind up to the endless possibilities of learning.

When homeschooling boys it is important to let them be boys. Let them build, let them explore, let them move. Most importantly, you should always remember the KISS acronym – Keep It Short and Simple – as boys tend to have shorter attention spans than girls, generally speaking. Ultimately, keeping your son interested and excited about learning will lead to future success in his educational ventures.

Is Homeschooling Better for Girls or for Boys?

The answer to whether or not online homeschooling, nowadays known as online homeschooling or online education, is a better solution for girls or for boys is all dependent on the child. Every child is different and that is important to remember when considering whether or not to homeschool your child. Though boys and girls are wired differently, and thus boys may be more inherently likely to take to benefit more from homeschooling, that does not make girls any less likely to benefit. It all depends on the child, the family, the public and private school options for the child, and whether or not there are any learning disabilities to factor into the mix.

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