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Dating Has Started Becoming Eco-Friendly


There are more and more dating sites being introduced online, but during the summer of 2014 paper bags made their way into the dating game.

Loveflutter, a UK dating app, introduced a PR event that urged 35 Londoners to meet other singles with a paper bag on their head. Since then, paper bag dating has really picked up steam. Loveflutter created the event in order to raise awareness about their new dating app, little did they know it would open up a great opportunity for singles to join in a new craze.

The paper bag over their heads urged them to forget about how the other singles looked and to learn about the person underneath the bag. They had to write small bits of text all over the bag which helped others to read interesting things about them, rather than focus on the visuals. The participants get just a few minutes to illustrate the bag and make it look individual before popping it on their head and going round to meet other people.

The eco-friendly take on speed dating has hit the love scene by storm and continues to be a great ice-breaking tactic. At first it can be a little strange but once people get passed the weirdness, the atmosphere becomes a very relaxing one where people can learn about new people without having to worry what they look like.

Once the event has finished, participants can take their paper bags home as a souvenir and can even use and re-use it again if they decide to give it another go in the future. Now meeting Mr or Mrs Right has never been easier, and you get to help the environment in the process too.

Paper bag speed dating is the future of meeting the ‘one’, so if you are looking for a creative way to meet that special someone, why not go along and give it a go.