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How to Involve the Children in the Process of Choosing a Home

When you choose a home, it doesn’t just affect you and your partner; ‘the adults’. It affects your children too, no matter how young they are. Moving to a new place affects different people in different ways. In fact, younger children feel emotions more intensely than adults in some cases. Their fears may seem irrational, but to them they are very real. Even if you are only moving 10 minutes down the road, they might worry about losing touch with their friends or family. This is why it’s important you involve the children in the process of choosing a home. This is beneficial in many ways. Read on to look into this further:


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Involving children in the process of choosing a home isn’t just about asking them for their ideas on their views, but taking them seriously too. By involving them in this complicated process, they’ll learn skills that they can use later on in life, have fun, and make a connection with the area. They may even develop enough of a sense of ownership to tidy up after themselves, which is always a bonus! The important thing for adults is to be honest with the children about the process, so they understand it as best they can.

Take Them to Viewings

In order to properly involve the children, you should take them to house viewings. The estate agents in Redditch know that many adults don’t bother with this, but it’s better for them to see where they could move to rather than have a shock on moving day. Make sure they’re on their best behaviour, and involve them in discussions as you move around the house. Talk to them about things you could do with the rooms that may excite them.

Explore the Area

If you know the location you’ll be moving too, explore the area with the kids and have fun. Go for walks, have a picnic, go hunting for insects; whatever will make them want to return to the area!

Show Them Their New School

Moving to a new school is very scary for kids. If they’ll be moving to a new school along with a new house, take them to see it before it’s time for them to join. You can even just do this via their website online if it’s too hard for you to get there.

Talk to Them About Exciting Things to Come

Make sure the kids know that you’re still going to be doing lots of family activities together when you move.

Ask Them About Their Feelings

You don’t know what is going through your kid’s heads before you move, so ask them about their feelings and don’t get mad at them if they’re scared or angry.

Reassure Them

Reassure your kids that things are going to be just fine, and that they will love their new home before long. However, make sure you listen to them and don’t undermine what they’re telling you.

It’s also important that you let the kids say a proper goodbye to their old home. Why not have family and friends round for a little party before you move? This will be a lovely way to end your time in your first home and keep the kids happy!

Remarkable Reasons Moving to the Seaside is Great for Your Kids

Many people have fantasies of moving to the seaside. It feels like living by the sea would be like a permanent holiday. Anytime you want to go out and look out at the waves, there’s a beach right there. Yes, some seaside towns might get very busy in the summer months. But the rest of the year, it’s quiet and tranquil. Your children too would probably be delighted at the prospect of moving to the seaside. Long days of exploring rockpools and splashing in the sea are a dream for some kids. In fact, moving to the seaside could have lots of benefits for your children and you.

It’s Good For Their Health

There is evidence that there might be a link between living by the seaside and having good health. A study linked people self-reporting as being in “good health” to people living in seaside towns. There are a number of possible reasons for this, including that living by the sea might make you feel relaxed. People living in seaside towns might also be more encouraged to exercise by the environment. Beaches, clifftops and winding paths, not to mention the sea. On top of that, there should be less pollution than in larger cities. Take a deep breath of that clean sea air!

Seaside Activities

There are all kinds of family friendly activities to enjoy by the sea. If your children are active types who’ll do any physical activity available then they’re in luck. There’s swimming, of course, but then there are more adventurous activities like surfing, wind-surfing, water-skiing and sea kayaking. They can also learn to sail or take boats of all sizes out on the water. If your kids aren’t the type to get wet, there’s still plenty to do on dry land. From rockpool exploring and shell collecting to building sandcastles, it’s easy to get your kids outside in the fresh air.


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Peace and Quiet

Some children and families are more suited to a quieter life. Looking at estate agents in Parkstone, Poole in Dorset will reveal a whole host of beautiful houses with sea views and quiet locations. Your children will sleep better without the noise of a city outside, and your family will be calmer, healthier and more relaxed.

A Change in Diet

If your children aren’t big fans of seafood, or haven’t had much chance to try it, moving to the seaside is your chance to introduce them to new things. Living in a seaside town, you’ll usually have access to fresh fish and other seafood every single day. There’s a huge range of culinary delights to introduce your children to, from plain white fish to prawn and lobster. Fish that’s so fresh will taste better too and, along with just about everything by the seaside it seems, is great for your health.

Moving to the seaside comes with plenty of health benefits. But if being healthy is too boring of a reason to move, then just think of all the fun you can have.

Awesome Nursery Accessories that Both You and Baby Will Love


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As parents, we only want the best for our children. When it comes to their health, their education and their development, nothing less than the best will suffice. And nursery furniture and accessories are no exceptions. We want something that’s functional, practical and that also complements our nursery decor perfectly.

So, if you’re looking to update or add to your baby’s nursery, this is our pick of the best in contemporary nursery furniture and accessories. We’ve picked items that are designed to help make parent’s lives that little bit easier, and you can guarantee that your baby will love them too.

Tipi Play Tent

Who remembers how fun it was making dens as a child? Well, why not encourage your baby to share in some of the fun? Tipi play tents are great for this. They’re also very handy for protecting them from the sun during the hot summer months. You could even pop one in a carry bag and take it down to the beach with you. They will have so much fun playing in their tipi play tent – you’ll begin to wish they came in adult sizes!

Muslin Cloths

We’ve all been there as parents. We’ve given baby a bath, changed their nappy and dressed them in the cutest outfit we could find. But we made a ‘rookie’ mistake of doing all this before feeding time. Within two minutes they (and you!) are covered in baby food and that cute outfit suddenly looks as if it’s seen better days. Well, with a pack of protective muslin cloths you don’t have to worry about this anymore! They help to protect your baby’s clothing, and you can just whip it off and pop it in the wash when they’re done. This simple, but effective accessory is an absolute life-saver for any parent.

Bouncers & Swing Seats

Babies love bouncers and swing seats. They allow your baby to rock themselves to sleep when they’re tired. Equally when they’re ‘full of beans’, swinging back and forth helps them to burn off some of that energy. They’re also very good for promoting muscle development, as they encourage your baby to move around, which helps to develop their core strength.

Soother Clips

Along with your keys and mobile phone, soothers are just one of those things you’re likely regularly to misplace. As busy parents, we have very little spare time as it is. So, we don’t really want spend a large proportion of it looking for a lost soother. That’s why soother clips are such a good idea. I’m afraid they won’t help you keep track of your keys and phone next time they decide to do a disappearing act. But at least you’ll know where the soother is!

Each of these items is designed with both baby and you in mind. They’re there to make your life a little bit easier, as well as allowing baby to have fun. And anything that’s there to help smooth the path of parenthood gets two thumbs up from us!