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Why The New Ford Fiesta Is The Perfect Learner Driver Car For Your Offspring

Do you remember the time when you learnt how to drive? When I was learning to drive, back in the late 1990s, I had a really horrible Metro to learn in. I’m sure there are some die-hard Metro enthusiasts out there, but the car I was learning in really was a piece of junk!

I actually failed my driving test in it because when I put my foot on the brake pedal to do an emergency stop, the accelerator pedal got stuck (due to a dodgy cable from what I remember). That was truly a facepalm moment!


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Afterwards, I had decided to ditch my current driving “instructor” and went with a more professional firm that had a fleet of Ford Fiesta cars. Being a Vauxhall person at heart, I didn’t really think I’d have a better experience but having driven one I can see what the car was – and still is – the most-popular car to drive in nations such as the United Kingdom!

Car technology, design and style has clearly come a long way since the tail end of the 20th century and today in 2014, the Ford Fiesta is still proving to be the number one choice; not just with owners and drivers, but also with youngsters learning to drive.

Why is the Ford Fiesta such a perfect car for learners?

Obviously you won’t want to just take my word for it so I will talk you through some of the specific reasons why millions of people – not just me – think that the Ford Fiesta is the perfect learner driver car for youngsters.

First of all, the new Ford Fiesta is very stylish. I know that style won’t help you to pass your driving test, but it’s one of the factors that attracts young drivers to the car.

It is also going to be the most-likely influencing factor for their buying decision (or yours) when they pass their driving test, as they will more than likely want to drive the same make and model of car they passed in because of familiarity reasons.

Car dealerships such as the GK Group sell the Fiesta like hotcakes, and a lot of their customers happen to be either youngsters looking for an affordable, reliable car, or their parents; I wish my parents bought me a brand new car when I passed my test!

Secondly, and arguably the most-important point, is that like it’s predecessors, the Ford Fiesta is actually a really easy car to drive. It’s small enough to navigate around busy city streets and park in tight spaces, yet its interior is extremely cavernous and will comfortably transport the driver and three passengers over long distances.

Thirdly, the Fiesta is a very safe car to drive. According to test results from Euro NCAP, the independent organisation set up by several European nations to determine how safe new cars are, the Ford Fiesta scored an impressive five out of five stars on crash tests, with a score of 91% for adult occupants and 86% for child occupants.



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