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Why Fancy Dress Is So Important For Children

The concept of ‘fancy dress’ has been around for a long time, centuries in fact. You can go back as far as the 18th century where, in the UK, masked balls were very popular. This started the fancy dress concept. Even children got involved in these masked balls in ye old United Kingdom, so it has been a part of growing up for years.

 Fancy dress gained more widespread popularity in the 1940s, and they really began to gain momentum in the 1970s where costumes became more readily available.

But, why is fancy dress so important for children?

As we have all grown up, we have all probably tried to use our imagination and dress up. It may be denied, but most boys would have tried on some of their mothers clothes at some point.

Getting your children into a fancy dress costumes can give really benefit their social and emotional development. Using their imagination as a starting point allows them to interact and engage with other children, as well as having the confidence to speak to adults, and that includes Mum and Dad.

 If you have a little girl, she may want to dress up in the latest Disney Princess character, which is great. The Disney Princess is what most girls want to be, especially when they are young, consider Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel or Tinkerbell (even though she is not technically a Disney Princess).

 A little boy may want to dress up as a Pirate, such as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean or a Superhero such as Batman, Spiderman or the Hulk.


(image from Flickr: Stijlfoto)

What is important here is that they dress up in something that encourages their imagination, but do not just stick to stereotypes. Giving your children the means to dress up in something other than this has the potential to do wonders for them, check out to see if you can find their hero.

 Fancy dress encourages children’s social side and provides a perfect ice-breaker helping your child build relationships from an early stage. Fancy dress can also help children overcome any shyness they may have around others, it also forms a platform for compliments to be made, giving children the confidence they sometimes need.

 Fancy dress also helps children develop emotionally, being a channel where children can freely express themselves. It also helps children communicate with others, and by playing the characters that they love they learn control their emotional responses.

 Fancy dress helps children develop their imagination. This is becoming more, and more important. With some many computer games, phones, tablets, computers, television and films available to young children, where these things can really harm their imagination development, fancy dress can help bring their inner child out.

 Even though computer games, phones, tablets, computers, television and films can harm children’s imagination, it can also enhance it if used right. Fancy dress can be used as an extension of their favourite film, television show or video game. They can also be used as an extension of a book. It is important that combinations of these mediums are used to bring their favourite character to life.

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