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Why Being Grandparents Can Be More Fun Than Being a Mom and Dad

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You have read the title of this piece and your answer will be “ because they can hand them back”. Well, yes, that is a big advantage of being a grandparent, and it can be a good thing. But there are many other reasons why being a grandparent can be more fun than being a parent.

If you are worried about getting old, you shouldn’t be. You may be closer to meeting your maker and your joints may be shot, but being older gives you a different outlook to that you had when you were in your prime.

Read on to find out why it is great to be a wrinkly.

You have been there and done it. Purely by living as long as you have, you have gained a certain amount of wisdom that cannot be learned any other way. Teenage years left their marks on your personality, and you met several loves of your life before finding the perfect one and settling down to raise a family of your own.

When your first child is born and returns home, you remember the sheer panic and weight of responsibility that kept you awake at nights (as well as the crying, of course). How can you provide for and give the best possible start to this little one/ It’s hard enough taking care of yourself most of the time.

As the child grows, without realising it, you find that skills involved in being a parent are gained one at a time, as they are needed. It’s not rocket science, after all. We are guided by systems in society for many things. The ages for inoculations are set down and we are reminded of them, schooling is just a great big machine, with rules set that we all follow. When the kids are ill we know where to turn. Though people think that parenting is hard, when you look back on it, much is taken care of for you.

When the children are nearing the end of their school life, however, we start to panic again over what they are going to do with the rest of their lives. Looking back, we realise that most of this takes care of itself too. By this age, they are competent young adults who can follow their own paths.

When your grandchildren arrive, you will recognise that look of terror on your child’s face. You are now armed with the wisdom to know, however, that everything is going to be fine for your child and grandchild. Now your skills can come into their own. While your child is feeling the pressure and running around in a panic, your wisdom allows you to leave all of the hard work to them while you take pleasure engaging with your grandchild as a friend. You have more time for them too, and look forwards to visits and long childish chats. You don’t feel so guilty as a parent when you take them to the pick and mix stand or let them have a sugary drink. Leave that worry to their mom and dad.

As you can see, being a grandparent is a magical time in anyone’s life. When you hear that comment about handing them back, it is just bravado. Often waving goodbye is a sad time, but it always leaves you with something to look forward to next week. You will need that time to build your strength back up, so make the most of it.

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