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What Breed of Dogs Are Best to Have with Small Children?

For any sensible parent and dog owner, researching the ‘best’ breed of dog to join your family is something that you obviously take great pride in. It is not easy to say which breed of dog is ‘best’ around children, but some dogs tend to have more naturally affectionate personalities than other breeds of dog. Some dogs are more playful and tolerant, while other dogs can be more assertive and act as guard dogs. Whatever breed of dog that you choose to become a member of your family do remember that they are big commitment, so only buy a dog if you are ready to take on a lot of responsibility.

As a rule of thumb, dogs tend to be tolerant around children that they have ‘grown up’ around. While the idea of a puppy and toddler at the same time is a daunting one, raising the two together will ensure a life long bond. The dog will be as happy as your child.

Remember the following when choosing a breed of dog that is best to have around small children:

  • Disposition

  • Temperament

  • Size

  • Energy level

  • Your own families dynamic and lifestyle

There are of course many dogs for sale, but choosing the right one for your family takes a lot of research.

Family Friendly Dog Breeds


Beagles make loyal companions due to their sturdy stature. As a rule, they tend to be very energetic and so they rarely tire of playing. This is, of course, ideal for small children who will often want to play long games with the family dog. Beagles have a friendly temperament and are extremely clever too.


While these dogs are giant, they are very gentle and absolutely adorable. This particular breed of dog is patient, loyal and caring. While they are prone to drooling and shedding their enormous fluffy coats, they make wonderful pets, especially around children, hence their nickname as ‘Natures Babysitter’. However, this breed of dog likes to be inside, as well as having large open spaces. As the Newfoundland is a very large dog, only consider this breed should you have the room to do so.

Irish Setter

The red Irish Setter is put simply, a stunning dog. While this breed of dog is particularly energetic it enjoys being around people and children, especially a family that can devote a lot of time to it. Irish Setter’s are very intelligent and can be trained easily. Perfect should you want to avoid ‘doggy presents’ on the carpet!


The ‘Andrex’ puppy certainly has the cute factor and is a firm favourite among those that are seeking a family-friendly dog. These lively, intelligent dogs are super playful and have a high tolerance for children. These dogs are known for their loyalty and really do make an excellent addition to the family.

Buying a dog isn’t just simply ‘buying a dog’, it is extending your home and your heart and effectively is adding a member of your family. Except one that has four legs and hair. Every dog has the potential to be ‘family-friendly’ with the correct handling, training and upbringing.


Don’t forget that before you bring home any family pet, especially puppies that you do your home work. You can find a great new puppy checklist that should help!

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