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Teaching Your Child to Play Guitar: Tips and Tricks

Playing an instrument can be one of the most rewarding hobbies ever, but learning to do it is difficult. They say that kids pick things up a lot faster than adults, which is why it’s a good idea to encourage your child to play an instrument from a young age. But what do you want them to play? Drums make a lot of noise, wind instruments aren’t always considered ‘cool’, and some can be very complicated. In my opinion, the guitar is the perfect instrument for children to learn how to play. Although it’s hard work, it makes a great sound and it always has, and always will, be considered ‘cool’. Here’s how to teach them:


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Get Them into Music that Featuring Guitar

There’s plenty of music out there that features guitar, and it’s sure to get them interested in learning to play. Whether you go the hard rock option or the Britpop option, there’s something to interest every child. I find that songs by Oasis are very effective!

Buy Them a Suitable Guitar

Some guitars are way too big for children’s little hands, so they can’t reach the frets or strings. Make sure the size of the guitar you choose is suitable so that they can play it efficiently! You may also want to buy them a coloured guitar or a guitar with a pattern on it to interest them further. If this is the case, try searching online for new musical instruments for sale.

Show them Tutorials on Youtube

Tutorials on Youtube can be very helpful, and the best thing about them is that they’re free! Who needs an expensive music teacher when you have Youtube? They can learn pretty much any song they could ever want by doing a search on Youtube. They’ll love being able to play their favourite songs!

Encourage them to Practice Alone

Encourage your child to practice alone, thinking up new sounds and music on their own. They don’t always have to be practicing other bands songs – they could try to create their own! This will add another element of excitement for them.

Make it Fun for Them

The worst thing you can do is make learning an instrument boring for them. When I was a child, my dad bought me a guitar and sat me down in front of an old fashioned video designed to teach me the basics. I didn’t understand any of it; it was boring, uninspiring, and it put me off the idea altogether. I wish I’d stuck to playing the guitar, but it didn’t paint a very good picture for me at the time!

Make Sure You Don’t Make them Practice for Too Long

Forcing them to practice for too long can take all of the joy out of it. If they genuinely want to practice for longer then let them, but make sure they have regular breaks.

With these tips and tricks, your child is sure to love learning the guitar and could even end up becoming a pro soon enough!

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