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Salt Room Therapy? What is it? Does it work?

Fond of having some great spa time? As if we didn’t already have enough common kitchen ingredients finding their way into this space (sugaring anyone?), here comes salt to the party! If you’re not opposed to spas that use ingredients so natural and organic that they’re actually edible, then why not? If that’s you, then you should very well try Salt Room Therapy to take your wellness to a whole new level.

What is Halotherapy or Salt Room Therapy?

Halotherapy, well-known as Salt Room Therapy is a holistic, drug-free, natural therapy using salt’s microparticles. It can help with deeper sleep, healthier skin, better breathing and airflow, improved physical fitness, and overall well being. Moreover, it also helps alleviate some respiratory and skin condition symptoms.

Why salt?

The use of dry salt to help reduce respiratory and other health problems had been introduced hundred of years back by ancient healers and philosophers. This type of therapy originated from speleotherapy or cave therapy in the Wieliczka salt cave in Poland as it has been observed that workers in this salt cave exhibited fewer respiratory illnesses. From then on, salt had been used for this purpose.


Salt is a natural disinfectant, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. It also has mucolytic effects which means it can loosen excessive mucus and speed up mucociliary transport. Moreover, it can remove pathogen agents or airborne pollen and it can reduce IgE level or the body’s immune system oversensitivity. Thus, salt is great for people suffering from:

  1. Asthma
  2. Allergies
  3. Bronchitis
  4. Sinus Congestion
  5. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Halotherapy can also support our nervous and lymphatic systems. And its calming and detoxifying effects can reduce stress and headaches as well as boost energy levels, and help improve sleep.

The benefits of salt room therapy are never-ending. It is also proven to help improve skin conditions such as psoriasis, rashes, eczema, and acne. The common table salt, sodium chloride is dehydrating but pure mineral salts can do more as it has natural moisturizing properties. It can also support the skin’s water balance and barrier function because it attracts moisture to the skin. Salt also has strong rejuvenating properties which are necessary for cell function and detoxification.

What does a Salt Room Therapy session looks and feels like?

Salt Room Therapy is similar to a meditation session where you breathe deeply while listening to soothing and calming music while focusing on the natural beauty of the salt crystals. The room environment is precisely balanced with 40 to 50% humidity and 70 to 75 degrees F temperatures. Salt room therapy service costs anywhere between $25 to $45 and usually lasts 45 minutes per session.

Breathing salty air is a refreshing ritual that you can add to your wellness routine. Experience natural detoxification and see the great effects it can have on you.

Massage and Your Arthritis

Arthritis can make any good day turn sour fast. If you’re one of the many people fighting pain from your arthritis, massage just might be a good option for you. Regular massage of your muscles and joints, whether by a licensed therapist or done at home can lead to a significant reduction of arthritis pain over time. If your looking to try and reduce your arthritis pain, here are three types of massage that can help you get back on your feet and with less pain in no time.

Swedish Massage

Getting a Swedish massage can be an incredible and relaxing experience. This is actually one of the most popular massage types. Many people view massage as a luxury or indulgence, but when you have arthritis, it can be the difference between living well and living in pain. A Swedish Massage uses long strokes, circular movements and careful kneading to loosen tight muscles. Pressure can range from very light to pretty deep, all depending on the client’s preference. If you’re ready to feel the difference, book your Swedish Massage today!

Lymphatic Massage

Also known as a “Detox Massage” this is another wonderful method to help ease sore muscles and joints and bring comfort to those suffering with intense arthritis. This kind of massage uses light, patterned strokes to help excess lymphatic fluid drain into the bloodstream and get toxins out of your body.

Fascia Blasting

Lots of research studies have shown that many different types of techniques work to break up the painful scar tissue and knots in the fascia around the muscle to potentially reduce pain. Rubbing muscles and tendons with a rigid tool like the FasciaBlaster can have this same effect. But BE CAREFUL because the technique here is important, and if it is used incorrectly with too much pressure the FasciaBlaster can create more scar tissue and actually make your pain worse than it already is. Only undergo this type of treatment with a professional who knows what they’re doing.

Custom Massage

Sometimes just telling a massage therapist what to do and how much pressure you’d like is one of the most soothing and wonderful things you can do for your arthritis.

If you struggle with arthritis pain, put the past behind you and dump that stress and pain out the back window with the help of a soothing massage.

Tips for Amazing Barbecues This Summer

Summer’s just around the corner and with all that (potentially) nice weather, comes plenty of chances to enjoy a BBQ or two. However, there’s a big difference between throwing a barbecue and throwing a great barbecue. A lot of it comes down to practice. Practice and our handy set of tips, that will instantly elevate your BBQ game.

If you don’t have a BBQ or are looking for a new one, you might find these guides to the best pellet grills and best apartment balcony grills, useful. If you’ve got a BBQ and just want to crack on, let’s move along.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools for the Job

Although every BBQ legend’s setup is different, there are a few items and tools that every self-respecting grill master should have at his or her disposal. That includes:

Long-handled tongs – Rather than just settling for a cheap and cheerful pair of small tongs, invest in a good-quality pair of long-handled tongs. This will make it easier, and safer to move those heavier pieces of meat and poultry. The long handles ensure that your hands and arms are far away from the coals and the grill, preventing you from avoidable burns.

Temperature Probe – Temperature probes are ideal, because although you may want to cook your beef cuts rare, there are other meats and poultry that you need to get the cooking spot-on. You also must take into consideration that you’re cooking for more than just yourself.

Barbecue Gloves – Another safety measure, barbecue gloves are important as they are made from heat-resistant fabric and material that gives your hands then protection they need from those flames, when you must move food, pans and occasionally rearrange the coals.

Plan and Prepare

While it often feels as if the best BBQs are the ones that seem to have little to no planning at all, that’s not how it works. Planning and preparation are vital. Especially when it comes to deciding how much meat you need to buy and cook. First, figure out how many people will be in attendance and then allow for one of each item (including any kebab skewers) per person. This will ensure your guests don’t go hungry and if someone doesn’t like a meat or item, it just means there is more to go around everyone else.

Don’t worry if you have too much because you can always use the remains for leftovers.

Marinate Your Meat

If you’ve ever watched some of those Pitmaster and BBQ programmes, you’ll know that all good pit masters marinate their meat. It’s the best way to ensure those cuts of meat are moist and crucially, have flavour. Overnight marinating is best, but even a few hours before cooking will give your meat that extra touch of class and taste that will have your guests licking their fingers with delight.

Don’t Take Meat and Fish Directly from the Fridge to the Fire

If you are keeping your raw fish and meat in a fridge, you need to take them out at around 20 minutes before you intend on cooking them to give them a chance to reach room temperature. When you try to cook meat that’s too cold, it could burn the outside way too quickly.

The Importance of Diet During the IVF Process

IVF treatments are advancing at a rapid rate and there are now many different fertility treatments available. However, even the best surgery can have limited results if a rigorous diet is not adopted.

Your diet can have an impact on the success of fertility treatments. There have been numerous studies in recent years that have explored the impact of diet and there is now a plethora of information available on the best types of food to eat and those to avoid.

For example, there was a recent report from Harvard which found that have avocados can have a massive impact on the potential for success. Avocados have shown to triple the chances of success in some cases. It’s therefore definitely worth it to add avocados to your daily diet as the results are conclusive.

The Harvard report also found that nuts and olives can also impact fertility.  These 3 types of foods can be called ‘the holy trinity’ when it comes to getting pregnant and any woman trying to get pregnant should have avocados, nuts and olives on a daily basis.

There are also some foods to avoid. Any saturated fats should be eliminated from the diet, especially red meat and butter. Fizzy drinks and sugars are also not recommended.

Coffee is another drink which should be avoided. There was a report back in 2012 which found that a woman who drinks 5 cups of coffee or more a day significantly lessens her chances of IVF success. So either eliminate it completely or limit it to a maximum of 2 cups a day.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is also recommended, so make sure you get your 5-a-day. Greens are also important and things like broccoli and cabbage are also good foods to eat.

Drinking plenty of water to help keep you dehydrated can also have an indirect impact on the success of IVF. If need be, it’s better to get advice from a fertility expert on what types of foods and exercise need to be undertaken to increase the chances of success.

Also avoid junk food as this can lead to you putting on weight which can significantly impact the chances of IVF treatment.

A good way to measure your current state is by finding out your BMI. Overweight women are also less likely to have successful treatments thus it’s important to be in good physical shape prior to treatment. The healthier you are the more chance of success you will have with the treatment.

Most of the suggestions in this article will be common knowledge to most people and we all know what foods are healthy and those that are not. A balanced diet is key to success and you should consult a medical expert if you need more advice about this.

How Often Should You Replace Your Windows?

Windows are an important part of any building, in terms of security and bringing light into the home. Modern window frames are designed for a long life, which we will talk about in a moment, but older properties may still have windows fitted that are not as secure as you may want. This is not only a security risk, but it can also mean you are losing heat through ill-fitting windows or older frames, which is constantly costing you money.

The question of how often to replace windows is one that comes up often. If you are buying a house – or looking at buying one – it is always worth checking with the  vendor as to the age and state of the windows, and when they were last replaced. In short, you should expect quality modern windows to last at least 15 years, even 20, before you need to think about replacing them, and most window installers will offer you a 25-year guarantee.

What to Look For

How do you know that your windows might need replacing? There are several tell-tale signs that windows are past their best, including the following:

  • Fogged or Misty Glass – this happens when you have double, or triple, glazed windows. It can signify that your frame or the pane has a hole in it and condensation is present, or in the case of gas-filled windows, that the gas is leaking. In each case this can be repaired so replacement is not necessary, but have an expert look at your windows to be sure. A good glass company near Birminghamis Oak Mountain Glass, and they have 20 years of experience in domestic and commercial glass installation and repairs in the region.
  • Cracked Panes or Frames –this is a definite sign that you need to consider replacement windows, especially if there is more than one cracked pane. You will be wasting energy on a regular basis if this is the case, so have the experts check it out.
  • Draughts in the Room –if you feel a draught in the room then there is air leaking in somewhere. This is often due to cracks in windowpanes or frames, and is something that needs to be dealt with by repair or replacement.
  • Sticking Windows and Doors – if you find that doors and windows are sticking when opening and closing them regularly, you may have damp that has caused the wooden frames to expand. Modern windows are less likely to do so as they use more robust material, so have a look at getting replacements if this is the case.

Windows do not have an infinite life so they will certainly need replacing at some point, and if you want to get a sensible quote for quality installation, talk to the team at Oak Mountain Glass right away. They can help with all your requirements for glass in and around the home, so get in touch and they’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Body Hair Removal Guide

It may be annoying, but the fact remains body hair is inevitable. Some of us grow rather more than others, but in all cases we want it removed – and especially for the summer. You want to look your best by the pool or on the beach – or even out for the day in your summer gear – so what are the best hair removal methods, and which is right for you?

There are in fact many different methods of removing body hair – some of which are more suitable for people with sensitive skin – that you can choose from, so it’s perhaps important that you have a good look at each. We’re going to help you with that by giving you a brief run-down of the most popular methods, so let’s get to it!

Wax or Not?

Waxing is among the most popular of the hair removal methods, and for many reasons. However, it is – as most of you will be aware – also among the most painful! This is not only because the wax is heated, but because it simply pulls the hair out, and often in the opposite direction to growth. The advantage is it is quick, cheap and simple, so it remains very popular with many people.

Another benefit to waxing is that, as the hair is pulled out at the root, when it does grow back, it comes back thinner. This means it is easier to control, and takes longer to regrow. You can also use wax strips – there are those that use no heat and that you can use at home – but they can also be painful, though they are very effective.

Shaving is another simple method of removing hair, especially around the bikini line. The only problem with shaving is that it is not long-lasting; the shaved area will come back very quickly. It is a good idea for those small areas where the hair is growing back, and can be a quick fix if you need hair removing quickly.

Sugaring Hair Removal

There is one method you can try that is effective and pain-free. L.A. Bikini is a hair removal spa near you that offers sugaring hair removal solutions. This method comes highly recommended for people with sensitive skin, and is perhaps the most suitable for everyone. You will need to book an appointment to have the procedure done, but the results are certainly worth it.

Sugaring involves the application of a sugar paste – it’s entirely natural – that is applied at body temperature, so there is no heat. On removal, it takes the hair out in the proper direction, so any potential pain is minimal. It also removes dead skin, and is great for leaving  your skin clean, fresh and beautiful, and beach-ready!

If you suffer from eczema – or any skin afflictions – you will also find sugaring to be of benefit, so why not get in touch with L.A. Bikini right now – there will be a branch near you – and have a chat with one of their team about booking an appointment.

Benefits of Children’s IQ Tests

Have you wondered if it’s worthwhile for your children to take IQ tests? Intelligence Quotient tests, as they are known in the longform have long been a way of identifying and measuring intellectual potential of individuals, while pinpointing areas where support is needed. As these tests do not measure other characteristics and human strengths like rational thinking skills, creativity, motivation and character, many dismiss them. However, there are some very clear benefits to having children’s cognitive functionality tested.

Ensure proper Diagnosis

It can be hard for undiagnosed gifted children to cope in a standard school and classroom environment. There are statistics that show that as much as 20% of gifted children tend to drop out of school because of depression and anxiety. Often gifted children who are undiagnosed but display intense behavioural qualities are wrongly assumed to have psychiatric issues and disorders and therefore wrongly and avoidably medicated. It’s often the case that those classified as gifted need as much, or even more support, than children with learning difficulties.

Improved Help for Children with Learning difficulties

There’s often the case that if a child is not performing on a scholastic level, it’s not actually down to their intelligence level. Various challenges to learning can make it hard for some children to have success in the classroom and if they are not diagnosed and just considered to be not as smart as others, it could come across as if they are less capable than they are. Learning difficulties come in all shapes and forms including dysgraphia, dyscalculia and dyslexia to name a few. By using IQ tests, you can rule out the possibility that they have a low level of intelligence and open the way to investigate further into why they are performing so poorly.

Tracking Educational Impact

There are indicators that suggest that the average intelligence of human beings as a species is increasing steadily. As a result, IQ tests are regularly updated, as often as 10 years or so to make sure that the average score is still 100 points. There has been an increase of around 20 points to the average IQ score over the course of the 20th century and into the 21th.

The cognitive improvements of humans are attributed to the increasing difficulty of many school subjects like maths and children starting formal education at younger ages. Without the information gleaned from IQ tests, therefore, we would not have this kind of understanding that the impact of childhood education has.

Identifying Learning Disabilities Suffered by Gifted Students

There are times when children with learning disabilities are also gifted. Being gifted and having a learning difficulty can mask one another, making the pupil seem normal and just average. With cognitive testing though, specific strengths and weaknesses can be identified and help them to reach their potential better. Take as an example, a child with a physical difficulty disability that affects their writing, if they are given voice-to-text software or use a keyboard, rather than a pencil or pen, they can better get across their thoughts and ideas. Without initially testing their IQ though, their advanced abilities may never be detected, and they would just be defined by their physical disability.


Middle School: 9 Tips to Write Essay Fast


If there is one thing that every student wishes they had more than anything is all the time in the world to do their essay. This is not the case and time stops for no one. There comes a time when a student has to finish their essay quickly due to an impending deadline set by their tutor. Below are a few tips that can help a student with writing essays fast and professionally from scratch.

#1. Stay away from social media and your phone

We live in a technological world and our phones have become an important part of our life, especially with the rise of social media as a means of communication. It is not a good idea to have your phone close by when writing your essay because you will easily be distracted by apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, and Twitter. To fully focus on your essay and get it done quickly, switch off your phone or put it on Do Not Disturb. This will let you fully focus on what you are writing rather than socialize while the clock is ticking.

#2. Have all the books you need for your essay close by

If you have all the books you need close by when writing an essay will really speed up the process because you will not have to be running up and down looking for them. All you have to do is simply prepare a nice workspace and open all the books on the most important pages. This saves you plenty of time hunting through the main points you want all the time. It is a very simple concept but a very effective one as far as getting your essay written faster is concerned.

#3. Reference your essay as you write

Referencing work is a requirement and must be done properly in order to pass an essay and you will save yourself plenty of time if you do this as you go. Whenever you quote something from an author, add the reference straight away by simply copying and pasting the book details.

#4. Try and proofread your essay as you write

Similar to the point above, you will need to proofread your work to make sure it is free of grammar and spelling mistakes. Before moving on to a new paragraph or chapter, it doesn’t hurt to give what you have written to that point a quick read and correct any mistakes. You will finish your essay a lot quicker and save yourself plenty of time because you will have already checked and taken out any grammar mistakes

#5. Have a positive mindset and start your essay well in advance

When you begin your assignment way early and have a positive mindset, you will realize that ideas will be following quickly. This will enable you to finish your essay much faster because you are not panicking and you know full well you have enough time on your hands to produce something amazing. You have to be positive and not feel defeated at all, instead, you should embrace the challenge at hand, remain calm, start well in advance and you should finish your essay quicker.

#6. Under your essay question carefully and dedicate an hour a day to your writing process

When you are feeling the pressure of the essay deadline looming it is easy to just scan through the question and not fully understand the requirements. This is a massive mistake because you end up writing something that is way off the mark. Begin by reading the question properly and understand what the requirements are before you begin. This will put you in focus mode and you will able to produce a very good essay. Once you understand and know what you have to write, dedicate an hour a day to type your essay. An hour might not seem like a long time but if you do that over the course of a week you will see massive progress and your essay will be done a lot quicker.

#7. Have a break when you need to

When you are pressed for time this point doesn’t seem to make sense however, the last thing you want is to burn yourself out. When you are suffering from burning out, your essay will not be done any quicker because you are low on energy. The human body needs the energy to remain focused and if you take a break in between typing your essay, you will give your body time to refocus and rest. This will give you a massive boost to get your essay done quicker and be super productive as you are not burnt out.

#8. You are more than welcome to use Google to find information quickly

If you are looking for information you are failing to find in books, Google is your best friend. You can use Google Scholar when you can to find any missing information you need to add value to your essay. Just make sure that anything taken from Google is properly referenced.

#9. Make sure you eat and are properly hydrated

Writing an essay on an empty stomach or thirsty is not a good idea because it will slow you down massive. Before you begin, make sure you have some snacks and drinks close by to maintain your energy levels because you need to be in tip-top condition to finish your essay faster.

If you are in middle school and struggling to get your essay off the ground, the 9 tips above should help you on your way. If you follow them religiously, you will realize that you will be finished with your essay in time allowing you to focus on other things revolving around your personal life like family and friends.

The Importance of Autism Doctors for Children

Bringing up children in the busy modern world is not an easy job, and there are many hurdles that may need to be overcome. Thanks to up to the minute medical practices and a greater understanding of behaviour in children, autism and the likes of ADHD are far easier to diagnose these days. However, it takes a professional with a full understanding of these varied conditions to get to the root.

Autism is not a clear cut diagnosis. No two cases are the same, yet most will display similar signals. It can be difficult for a mother and father – who have other things on their hands besides the child – to notice these signs, but for expert children’s autism doctors experience plays a large part. ADHD Associates is an established practice with many years of expertise in diagnosing, monitoring and the treatment of children with autism and ADHD, and they come highly recommended.

Talk to the Experts

It is always best to talk to an expert if you are concerned that your child may be missing milestones or exhibiting behaviour that indicates autism. It is not something to self-diagnose, and can be difficult to handle without expert help. Signs to look for are many and varied: for example, a parent may notice distinct differences in behaviour between their child and others of a similar age. They may not talk as well or as quickly as others, or may walk and move less fluidly and slower. It’s important to note that these can be signs of autism, but are not always.

Obsessions may also be a sign of ADHD or autism. A child may be unusually and repeatedly engrossed in a certain activity, for example. Or, they could display unusual sensitivity to sounds or light. These are signs that the experts at ADHD Associates have the expertise to analyse and diagnose, and they can alleviate your concerns by helping find the right approach and solution to the problem.

Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a spectrum disorder, and it is important to understand what this means. Spectrum disorders are brain-related – mental health problems – which involve a number of different factors coming together. In other words, an autistic child may show a number of different traits that are autism related, as we have mentioned above. This is another reason why it is essential that an expert diagnoses the child in question.

It does help if you can recognise the signs early in life, and the experts at ADHD Associates – who are located in Connecticut – are well-placed to help make a diagnosis that will make your life as a parent, and that of the child, easier and more regular. With a full range of services dealing with ADHD and autism, you can be certain that the diagnosis and care your child is given by the doctors here is the best you will find, so if you are concerned about your child’s behaviour, get in touch with them right away and one of the team will be happy to arrange a consultation.

Foundation Damage and Your Gutters – What You Should Know

It is possible that you’ve not given much thought to it, or perhaps you didn’t even realise, but the condition of your gutters can influence other parts of your property. One part, that’s greatly impacted by your guttering system is your home’s foundation. How so?

If your gutters are not functioning properly, there is a chance that the structural integrity of your home could be affected, this could lead to water ingress issues and costly repairs on the foundations. On top of all that, the value of your property could be decreased.

Most Common Problem Affecting Guttering Systems

By far the problem that most homeowners must deal with regarding their guttering is that they are failing to channel or drain rainwater a safe distance away from the property. It is normally that the guttering is clogged by debris or leaves that stops water from moving along. During autumn is when this is an especially common problem, because leaves are falling off trees. Clogged guttering that’s not dealt with quickly enough, could create issues with your foundations that would need to be fixed. This will not only cost you a considerable amount but will also disrupt your life as foundational repairs require a lot of work.

Damage Caused by Clogged and Overflowing Gutters

When your guttering clogs up, water starts to overflow and pools around the foundations of your property. In time, as well as causing unsightly puddles, this can cause the soil that’s underneath your property and around it to erode.

As the soil erodes, the foundations start to weaken. This eventually can lead to the foundations starting to crack or shift and move. That really is as bad a problem as it sounds. Subsidence and foundation issues are not easily sorted.

How to Prevent Your Gutters Getting Clogged and Causing Damage to Your Foundations

Fortunately, you don’t have to have these kinds of problems. How? By having your gutters at least one or two times every year, to stop them clogging up. You don’t even need to do the work yourself. Even if you are not afraid of heights, you might not have the time in your busy schedule to dedicate to that kind of work or have the right equipment. The great thing is that you don’t have to, as there are plenty of reliable and skilled professional guttering cleaners. What’s more, these companies often have the skills to carry out repairs on your gutters, if necessary.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Gutter Cleaners

The point of this post was not to scare you, not in that negative way anyway. It was to educate you and to get you thinking about things related to your property, you may never have considered before. By regularly having your gutters checked, cleaned and repaired (if necessary), you can be sure that you will not have to face the headache, disruptive and costly problem of damaged foundations. Your property, the gutters, the foundation and your bank balance will be safe.