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6 Tips for Dating as a Single Parent

Dating is a complicated process most of the time, but one thing that can make it more complicated is trying to date as a single parent. The addition of a child and their needs and feelings can any potential for romance harder to navigate. That doesn’t mean you are destined to never find love again, though.

In the following post we are going to discuss some great tips that will help you have success when using single parent dating sites and other methods of finding love in these modern times.

Complete Honesty

There is no point trying to hide the fact you have children from a previous relationship. It’s best, for you, your child and the person you’re interested in, that you get it out in the open as soon as possible. Although there is stigma attached to being a single parent, it is a good way to discover timewasters early on and people will genuinely appreciate the honesty.

Don’t Try to Be Anyone Else

There is a temptation when you are just started dating again to try and be someone you are not. You might do it so you can hide yourself from the other person or because you want to be a people pleaser. However, it won’t ever get you what you want. It’s much better to be the person you really are. For better or worse, that is you. Warts and all and if someone agree to meet you based on that, keep that in mind.

Enjoy Yourself

No one said it was going to be easy, but part of the process of finding a new partner and potential soulmate is that it’s enjoyable. You are looking to bring something nice and positive into your life, so don’t let the nerves eat away at you so you can’t find the joy in it.

Don’t Shy Away From Talking About Your Children

Another thing single parents often try to avoid doing is talking about their kids on their formative dates with a person. The thought process behind it is that they are scared they will bore the other person to tears. Remember, though, your children are a big part of your life and if the other person is interested in learning more about you, they need to accept that.

Avoid the Guilt

Guilt is something you are going to face. When you are a single parent, every waking moment, even more so than parents with shared responsibility over children, seems to revolve around them. It can be hard when you first take that time out for yourself. It is essential as a parent that you do that from time to time to unwind and not talk about the kind of thins you discuss with your kids on the daily.

Be Patient

You need to learn as much as you can about the other person, especially if you are going to consider taking them into not just your life, but your kid’s life too. However, not everyone is ready to rush into things or Is ready to open as quickly as you might be.


4 Types of Bank Accounts Your Family Should Consider Having

It’s quite possible that you’ve got maybe one or two bank accounts for your family. Are we right? Generally, this will be a checking account and a savings account. However, it may be time to think of an alternative and more comprehensive, but effective way of handling your family’s income, outgoings and banking with several additional accounts.

When you file your important documentation and paperwork, do you file it away all in one cluttered and messy pile or drawer? It’s likely you don’t, if you take care. You probably keep everything filed like with like and in some sort of order. You can do the same with your finances and although it may seem like overkill it can help to have more than just the standard one or two. In the following post we will discuss some of the bank accounts you should have that you probably didn’t realise you should have. Take these ideas into consideration when you are next looking for accounts from banks near Austin Tx.

Emergency Savings for the Family Account

A good rule of thumb when it comes to savings for your family is that you should contribute 20%of your family income to an emergency savings account. This should be used for exactly what the name suggests – emergencies. We’re talking last resort stuff here. Never use it to pay off debt or any other problems you could, in theory, resolve with other solutions.

Ideally, you want to make sure you have access to at least between 6-months and a year’s worth of money to live off if the proverbial hits the fan.

Family Saving Account for Non-Emergencies

Look at this account as a sort of holding tank. This is a savings account for your family you can use whenever you want or need to. You should aim to have at least 3-months of money in there that will support your family in the event of a slight and short-term emergency or crisis. You should be looking to use it for saving those pre-payment funds for things like new furniture for your home, repairs, vacations, new cars, down payment on house, weddings etc etc.

Checking Account for the Family Income

You should have a main checking account that acts as a sort of headquarters for your family’s finances. This is where all your income should be directed to first. From here it can then be transferred into the relevant accounts. It is also the place where all your family’s bills will be paid, and you need to make sure the money doesn’t stay in there fore too long. Setting up automatic transfers is a good idea, or you would be more likely to spend it (if you can access it, you will spend it).

Separate Husband and Wife Checking Accounts

Although it may seem a little old fashioned, this is a great way to create responsibility and accountability for each parent. By having a checking account with a monthly budget, there is a spending limit for each partner, so that no-one is dipping into the family’s account for their own stuff.

Why You Should Choose Clothing as Gifts

We all love giving gifts almost as much as we love receiving them. There is an amazing joy that comes from choosing something for someone you love, knowing they are going to really like it and seeing their face when they do. However, it’s not always easy. This is something we can all attest to. There are always those people in our lives…whether they are relatives, close or distant or close friends and acquaintances.

It can turn the whole lovely experience of buying for those important people in your life a lot more stressful. Especially if they are the type of people who really seem to have everything. If you are in a bind though, we may have a great idea in the form of matching clothing.

A Great Gift To Highlight a Great Relationship

Matching clothes are a great way to highlight a strong relationship between members of the same family. You can get lots of different options for different people and different relationships. Got and uncle or aunt who has a close relationship with their niece or nephew? You could bring attention to their special relationship with t-shirts that have their title on two halves of the same love heart. So that when they are together it makes a complete heart.

Very cute and very appealing to family members who have a deep affection for one another and a close bond.

T-Shirts and Clothing With Humour

If that sounds way too sappy, you could instead opt for something that includes a humorous sentiment. Without going too far in the other end of the spectrum, it still encapsulates the strong relationship, but with more of a funny side to it. For instance, there are matching clothes for a mother and daughter. With the mom’s version saying, ‘Mother of a Princess’ and the daughter equivalent with ‘Daughter of a Queen’ emblazoned on it.

Other fun options would be to have t-shirts for children, whether it’s nieces, nephews, sons or daughters that say humorous statements like ‘Don’t make me call my (insert family member title)’

Even Couples Are Catered For

It’s not just children and their adult relatives who are catered for with these fun matching clothes gifts. Couples are catered for too with matching t-shirts like the ones that say ‘Hubby’ and ‘Wifey’ on the front. Although they don’t always have to wear them together at the same time, we must admit it does look rather awesome and more than a bit adorable when they do.

Don’t forget the Family Pet

You can even get funny dog and cat-specific clothing these days as great gifts for the animal lovers in your life.

The great thing about buying clothes as a gift for people is that not only do, they convey a loving and positive sentiment, but they are also incredibly practical too. We all need clothes and one that has been chosen specifically that pertains specifically to a person can make a bigger impact. We certainly can never have enough t-shirts and other pieces of clothing. If this sounds like a good idea for the next gifts you need to buy, see here.


Raising Your Children While Living with a Chronic Illness



Parenting, though a blessing to most, isn’t without its challenges. The struggles of everyday life while trying to care for the needs of your kids can take a dramatic toll on your physical and mental well-being. So, imagine if you were already dealing with health problems? Being a parent who suffers from diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or lupus takes the cake. As your state of health plays a huge role in your ability to be there as your family needs you to.

Be that as it may, it is possible to raise your children while taking care of yourself. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness or have been struggling with it for years as you raise your family, here is some advice:

Take Care of You First

This may seem selfish or even impossible to do as a parent, but taking care of your own needs first is a must. If you are not at your best, it limits your abilities to be there for your children. Whatever you’re required to do to soothe symptoms of your condition, it is best that you follow through. Visit the doctor, take your medications, see specialists if necessary, eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated, get active as best you can, and get plenty of sleep.

Manage the Symptoms

Pain, fatigue, depression, and other symptoms related to long-term illnesses can hinder your ability to be happy and perform your duties as a parent. If your symptoms have kept you from being the parent you want to be, there are other ways to manage them. After talking with your doctor first do some research on your condition and the various solutions out there. Perhaps you can purchase diabetic socks to improve circulation in your legs, get massages to help relieve inflammation, go to physical therapy, or start taking herbs and dietary supplements to soothe other problems.

Talk to Your Kids

Pretending that everything is “normal” when it’s not won’t work too long on your children. Nor does it help you to create a new normal with your family. It’s important to talk with your kids about your condition in a manner in which they can comprehend. You don’t have to go deep into details, but letting them know that there are certain things mommy or daddy must do in order to be healthy relieves a lot of stress for you and curiosities the kids may have had. Who knows, the kids may even start helping out more.

Ask for Help

Even parents with a good bill of health need help to raise their children. Remember it takes a village. So, don’t allow your pride or feelings of guilt keep you from reaching out to those you know for assistance. Your family, religious leaders, educators, friends, and members of the community may be willing to chip in. They can help with babysitting, transportation, meal preparations, and spending quality time with the kids when you’re unable to.

Don’t Stop Living

Yes, your medical condition may limit you from doing certain things. You may have days where you feel excellent and days where you want to stay in bed all day. Be that as it may, you do not want your condition to define you, your kids, or your quality of life. Don’t stop living. Take advantage of the good days and do things you enjoy. Learn alternative methods to cope with the symptoms and bad days and keep pressing through. Have a career, go places, buy things, make connections, and simply continue to live your life.

Finding out that you have a chronic illness is devastating – especially when you’re responsible for the lives of others. You wonder with each passing day how you’ll get through and use up all of your energy to be there for your family. Living this way isn’t healthy, however. Though your long-term illness does present some challenges and limitations, it doesn’t have to stop you from being the best parent ever and living a great life.

All you need to do is continue to take care of yourself, find alternative ways to cope with symptoms, openly communicate with your kids, get help from the village, and face each day with a positive attitude. The road won’t be easy, but, it’s not easy for any parent. So, take a few deep breaths and get started on creating a new normal that works for everyone.

5 Home Decor Classics That Never Go Out of Style

Trends come and trends go, but great classic furniture and design will never go out of style. By investing in pieces that are timeless and refined you can be sure that your home will suit you, your family and your needs for the long term. Shed any temptation to veer towards furniture fads with these 5 decor classics:

Invest in style

Classic interior design is defined by it’s understated, elegant look and feel. Typically classic furnishings are light-neutral in colour with simple lines and unimposing structures. This is a perfect option if you like a clean but inviting aesthetic, or if you’re looking to combine two decor styles. For example the classic style pairs well with the country or the industrial design categories.

Designing your home within the confines of the classic look will mean that you will have a consistent space that flows well. Use the category to guide your bigger investments, like your bed-frame, dining table and sofa set.

Suitable Lighting

Lighting really can do more for your home than you think. By employing professional looking lighting you can transform any space and create an instantly classic effect.

Chances are, your home didn’t come ready equipped with picture perfect lighting. If this is the case then you can make a few changes to create your own illuminations. Purchase lamps, pendant lights or other add ons to help enhance the feel of your space. Keep these within the classic design style aesthetic to be sure that they won’t begin to look dated in a few years time.

Understated neutrals, clean lines and decorative bases are all characteristics of beautiful classic light sources. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different sizes and shapes to create some design interest and to pack a creative punch. Be sure that you’re constructing a coherent mood by sticking to purely warm or cool tones for every light addition.


Decorative Artwork  

Artwork is a great addition to any home. A beautiful piece of art will add expression to your walls, and they can even create the illusion of more space with some clever placement. For a home that has a timeless feel, the artwork that you and your family collect has to have a personal feel.

Personality is key to investing in pieces that truly reflect the tone of your home and those who live in it. By selecting works that the whole family connects with, you will have a space that’s both unique and classic to you.

Natural Materials

Natural material is a long time classic in all of it’s uses. Resources such as wood, ceramic, cotton, leather and metal are a staple of almost every single industry, especially home decor and interior design.

By investing in home fixtures and furnitures that are crafted from natural materials and resources, you will be sure to achieve a classic and enduring look. Choose resilient and sturdy materials such as slate, stone and wood for your floors, kitchen cabinets and walls to have a home that is long lasting in look and function.

Natural materials are a fabulous option for your homewares and furniture. Look for pieces that will create the right mood for your home. Looking for a classic but warm, relaxed feel? Explore classic timber furniture options. If you’re more of a minimalist who likes a clean look, then consider metal and leather items.

The Tried and The Tested

You can put your trust in any movements in the decor and design industry that have stood the test of time. A good time guide for you to follow is if a trend or decor feature has lasted for more than half a century. This is an indicator that it is a timeless and universal choice that has catered for the needs, tastes and preferences of a wide demographic and multiple generations.

Great examples of this rule are plush leather sofas, persian or turkish rugs and statement pops of colour around the room. If you find a style that you really love and that has been around for more than fifty years it’s time to take the plunge and invest – even if it does come in and out of style, keeping a hold of it is a smart decision for your future.

Whether you’re designing an entirely new space or you’re simply looking for a few new additions to your home, by making timeless and functional choices you can be sure that your home and it’s look will work for you and your family, now and in the many years to come. Furnishing your home certainly isn’t cheap, and your Classic furniture is the perfect opportunity for some clever budgeting. These pieces will never go out of style, so keep your eye on furniture clearance deals or sales. You’ll be able to pick up amazing, timeless pieces at a budget friendly price that will last you a lifetime!

Why You Should Use G Suite If You’re Homeschooling Your Children

There are a lot of homeschooling programs out there, all with good/great reviews. So, why would you use G Suite / G Suite for Education?

Homeschooling is one of the best things you can do for your children (give us a minute to explain). We’ve heard the complaints against homeschooling:

  1. Added Financial Strain / Cost (it’s normally not free)
  2. Lack of Accreditation / Certification
  3. Lack of Socialization
  4. Dependency Issues
  5. Added Workload for Parents

And while the complaints have validity, it’s not enough to overcome the benefits of homeschooling, such as:

  1. One-On-One Interactions
  2. Learning at a Comfortable Pace
  3. Ability to Identify Potential Problems Earlier
  4. Less Focused On Test Scores, And More Focused On Learning
  5. Protection From Bullying And Peer Pressure
  6. More Time With Your Family

So, it’s not surprising that you’re either considering homeschooling or have already started it. In fact, homeschooled children tend to do better on the ACT and SAT than non-homeschooled children.

With all that being said, some homeschool programs are fairly expensive and cumbersome to use. But, did you know that you can actually use G Suite for your homeschooling needs? G Suite has now introduced G Suite for Education and it’s built for parents and educators alike.

Today, we’re going to briefly discuss three reasons why you should use G Suite for Education for your homeschooling needs … ready?

It’s Completely Free

Almost everyone likes to hear the word free (excludes salespeople). Homeschooling does have some financial ramifications; public school is provided “free” (tax dollars). As such, it’s not always easy to use scheduling software and other tools when they cost more money. Some homeschool programs have their own built-in scheduling and/or communication methods, but they aren’t integrated with your Google account(s). As such, you have to log in to each account separately, whenever the thought comes to you.

Since you already have a Google account (most likely), it’s easy to communicate with your class/students directly from your browser, tablet, and/or smartphone. And since it’s free, you don’t have to sign up for a free trial or subscribe for a month to test the platform out.

There’s literally no risk in trying G Suite for Education.

You Can Access It Anywhere

Homeschooling gives parents and students a lot more flexibility when it comes to classroom time, but did you know that it also gives you the ability to work from any location?

Most homeschool programs can be run from an online browser. G Suite for Education is an online platform that gives you access to your homeschooling material and courses from any browser. So, even though you “accidentally” left the school laptop behind, there’s no reason to fall behind on your grading and/or schoolwork. Plus, everything is saved instantly so no work can be lost due to a power failure or computer failure.

Unless you’re in a place without internet, you have access to all of your schoolwork and/or classroom information.

You Can Customize Your Lessons, Quizzes, And Tests

And finally, homeschooling allows you to tailor your schoolwork to the individual needs of your children and/or family. Some programs have started teaching coursework that is against some religious standards. With homeschooling, you can avoid these controversial topics while teaching your children their ABC’s and 123’s without worrying about their curriculum being at odds with certain religious tenets that are a big part of your family and faith.

Creating a classroom, lessons, quizzes and more take just a few minutes. Plus, you can get instant feedback from your students and even communicate directly with them using the built-in messenger apps and/or email.

Final Thoughts: The Advantages of G Suite for Homeschooling

G Suite for Education is a great program that can help with your homeschooling needs. It can be used in conjunction with another homeschooling program, or independently. It’s free, accessible from anywhere, and it’s easily customizable. While you may not have considered using G Suite for your educational needs, it’s becoming a popular option that you shouldn’t ignore.

Gender Reveal With Lanterns Ideas

You’re a few months pregnant with your first or second child. First of all, congratulations! You’re excited to find out whether you’re having a boy or girl and your family and friends are as well. It’s probably still early to be having a baby shower, but it’s the perfect time to throw a gender reveal party. A gender reveal party can be a fun way for everyone to find out if the baby will be a boy or girl together.

Traditional Ideas

When it comes to how the gender will be revealed, there are dozens of fun ideas. Some ideas for a gender reveal 2019 can be

  • 1. Cutting a cake
  • 2. Popping balloons
  • 3. Releasing balloons
  • 4. Scavenger hunt
  • 5. Several other fun ideas

How to Organize a Lantern Reveal

One such fun idea would be a gender revealing lantern. You’ll have a group of normal lanterns with a blue lantern or pink lantern mixed in. That is, all but one of the lanterns will have a normal colored flame. The one single lantern will have a blue or pink flame. Some ways to have a lantern of revealing would be

  • 1. Display the lanterns to light up at once
  • 2. Locate all the lanterns to light up until you find the pink or blue lantern
  • 3. Release sky lanterns to light up
  • 4. Display lanterns, but light them up individually

There are several ways to go about a gender revealing lantern. There’s more than one type of lantern of revealing. With a blue or pink lantern, you can light up your gender reveal 2019 with the news of your soon to be born son or daughter.

If you decide you want to use lanterns for your gender reveal, then later in the evening would be the best time for your party. The lanterns will be easier to see and will be a more mesmerizing sight after the sun has gone down. Hopefully it’ll be around spring or summer time so that your lantern gender reveal will be during warm weather. If it happens to be during colder weather, a bonfire is always a great addition to a party or get together.

Even though the baby’s gender is a surprise to everyone, at least one person will have to know the gender ahead of time and keep it a secret. Maybe it’ll be you or a close friend or family member. This way whatever gender reveal idea you decide to go with, everything can be set up with the right color.

Here’s to hoping that you have a fun and memorable gender reveal party. Regardless of what your baby’s gender ends up being, becoming a mom can be exciting. Now that you and everyone else in your life knows what you’re having, it won’t be long before your planning the baby shower. Hopefully nobody was too disappointed by the baby’s gender since there are people who have a preference. What matters the most is that the parents are excited and ready.

Five Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heaters

Where would we be with our water heaters? The great thing modern water heaters is if you look after them, keep them clean and generally well-maintained, they will repay you with many years of service. It may be that you have been using the water heater you currently have for some time now.

Unfortunately, nothing ever lasts forever and as the different parts wear out, you will have to replace your water heater when it’s no longer in good working condition. Although it makes sense to try and have your water heater repaired, if possible. From a financial point of view, this makes a lot of sense at least. However, there are signs you need to be aware of that indicate that rather than having it repaired, it’s time to say goodbye and have your water heater replaced.

It’s Been Repaired Too Numerous Times to Mention

One of the first signs that your water heater has seen better days relates to repairs. That is, if you find that your water heater has required two repairs or more in the last 12 months, that’s far too many. Instead of continuing to spend money on it, it’ll be best in the long run if you invest in a brand-new heater.

It’s Age

Another huge sign that your water heater needs to be replaced is its age. Has it recently reached an impressive milestone? If it’s over 20-years old, it’s best to look at buying a new model, even if it is working perfectly fine. Before too long, it will start to show real signs of its old age, so it’s wise to buy a new water heater to avoid any days without a supple of hot water.


Corrosion is something you shouldn’t see on a water heater, unless it is very old. The sad thing is, if your water heater does start to corrode, this is irreversible, and it means you will have to start the search for a new one. That’s why it’s important to carry out sight checks on appliances like your water heater regularly. Even if you don’t know the first thing about the engineering, you know that signs of rust are never a good thing.

Increasing Heating Bills

Much of the energy used in heating in your home is from generating hot water. Therefore, if you start to notice a worrying hike in your heating bills, it may be time to have your water heater checked over by a professional.

Hot Water Loss

Have you noticed a distinct reduction in the volume of hot water you have available in your home? Have you started having what could be best described as uninspiring lukewarm showers in the morning, when before you’d have to turn down the heat a little because you almost scolded yourself? If that sounds like the kind of issues you are having with your shower, that’s another important sign that your water heater is on its last legs.

If you think it is time to replace your current water heater and are looking for a suitable replacement why not consider a tankless water heater, as highlighted by this post at Plumb and Lined.

10 Tips On How To Care For Your New Mattress

Why spend on a new quality mattress and not know how to care for it so that it serves you for a long time? Striving to maintain its original condition of your new mattress is paramount to enjoying a restful night in bed. Below are a few tips on how to care for your mattress.

  1. Proper installation

First, you should ensure that the new mattress is installed properly in the bed. Such care should start with the transportation of the new sleep set after purchasing it, and bringing it home to your bedroom. If you are not sure of what to do, ask the store personnel to help you know the issues or mistakes to avoid.

  1. Rotate

It is necessary to flip the mattress severally within a year. Rotate it every few months as per the care instructions indicated by the manufacturer.

  1. Cover it up

The best brands have a washable cover that you will always manage to keep your new investment fresh, and stain-free. A clean JCpenny mattress cover will help keep allergens and dust mites at bay.

  1. Deep breaths

Always take note of how your bed smells; any new unpleasant odor means you need to clean the mattress covers or bedding. If you note that “new product smell; in your latest purchase, you should air it by leading the mattress and bed uncovered while the bedroom is well ventilated.

  1. Provide good support

Your new mattress should be installed in a bed with a high-quality build. For the large king or queen-size beds, the frame should have robust support at the middle to keep the mattress from breaking or bowing at the center.

  1. Keep the mattress tag

Do not be quick to pull out the tag on your mattress; it contains vital information regarding how to care and maintain your latest sleep set. Moreover, the information on the label can also serve as evidence when making a warranty claim. Therefore, the tag is there for future reference.

  1. No jumping on your bed

Kids love jumping on the bed, but you should keep these little rascals from making your new firm and bouncy mattress their new playground. Their rough play can damage your bed frame and dent your mattress.

  1. Do not get “board”

A board on the bed’s foundation may help enhance the support offered but if not a necessity if you have a high-quality mattress. If you feel the foundation of your bed, then that means your mattress is old and you need to get a new one that will off the desired support and comfort.

  1. Adhere to manufacturer’s instructions

Never think that you know all there is about mattresses. Always follow the specifications or guidelines given by the manufacturer of caring for the mattress.

  1. Out with the old

With your new sleep set in your bedroom, do not think of transferring the old mattress to the bed in the guest room or giving it to your kids, relatives or friends. If it did not do the job well enough for you, then it will not do anyone any good. When getting rid of it, ensure you disposed of it correctly.


Sports Massage Therapy Benefits: Improved Range of Motion

Athletes as well as physically active individuals are prone to muscle tightness and restricted lower extremity range of motion or ROM which can lead to muscle injuries during sports activities. This is also correlated to lower back, ankle, and even shoulder pain or dysfunction, which can hinder and reduce one’s movement efficiency and quality which is crucial for athletes.

The good news is there are a lot of options out there that can be used to reduce muscle tightness as well as to increase ROM, which includes massage therapy. There’s even one type of massage therapy that is specifically designed for physically active individuals.

What is Sports Massage?

A form of massage that manipulates soft tissues to benefit physically active individuals since they are prone to problems and imbalances caused by strenuous repetitive physical activities. Regular sports massage sessions may improve one’s overall performance, aid recovery, and prevent injuries.

Benefits of Sports Massage

1. It eases muscle tension.

With high levels of force, professional hands of a massage therapist can work on tight and tender areas referred to as adhesions. Signals will then be sent to your brain to relax which significantly helps alleviate tension within the targeted muscle.

2. It improves recovery.

A thorough workout or activity can lead to muscle soreness and tightness which is the most common problem by athletes. Fortunately, sports massage can improve recovery by increasing circulation. In fact, regular massage therapy sessions can actually decrease the probability of an athlete experiencing muscle soreness.

3. It can increase range of motion by reducing the sense of fatigue.

Tight shoulders, hips, and other joint pains are other common issues experienced by athletes. A sports massage is designed to target stiff muscles which bind your joints. This will allow the person to move through a greater range of motion. In addition, sports massage is also suggested to reduce the feeling of tiredness also known as fatigue. When you feel undeniably tired, your body’s reaction is to limit your range of motion therefore by reducing the sense of fatigue, you’re body can give its optimum performance.

4. A sports massage works better than foam rolling.

Though foam rolling is great, it can only target large, broad muscles. A massage therapist’s fingers, thumbs, palms, and elbows can do so much that not even a lacrosse ball can replicate.

5. It is relaxing.

Nothing is better than lying comfortably inside a peaceful place with professional hands working on your tired and banged up body. This is definitely something that you can only get from a massage therapy as it calms and even alleviates physical pain and stress.

When to get a Sports Massage?

Ideally, athletes are recommended to get a sports massage at least once or twice a week. However, if this isn’t possible, a free and good option is to use a foam roller. Though again, it’s not as effective as a massage therapy.

If you’re about to take on a big game and plans to get a sports massage, be sure to have the massage 3-5 days before the big event. This will ensure that your muscles will be at optimum performance.