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My Amazing Tips for Making Cleaning Less Time-Consuming


Toms Baugis

Cleaning your home is a necessary evil. While some people enjoy, most of us find it boring, at the very least. Even if you’re lucky enough to split the tasks down the middle with your partner or delegate some of the easier ones to the kids, it’s still not fun. It can take up a lot of your spare time, especially if you put it off until the weekend. What should be your free time gets eaten up by all the chores you haven’t done during the week. But you can make cleaning less time-consuming if you know how to do it. Use these techniques to stop cleaning taking over your life.

Don’t Let Clutter Pile Up

Before you get out your cleaning supplies, you have to tidy up all the clutter that has built up during the day and week. But if you don’t let it all build up in the first place, you won’t need to tidy it away. To achieve a magical clutter-free home, everyone has to be more strict with themselves. Don’t just drop a book or magazine onto the coffee table, instead put it away or recycle it. Get the kids into the habit of putting away their toys before they get out another one and have plenty of storage around the house to stow things away, out of sight.

Use the Right Products

What you use to clean could make a huge different to how much effort you have to put in, from your vacuum cleaner to clothes and cleaning solutions. If you use something inadequate, you could end up putting in more effort, cleaning for longer or needing to clean more often. Make sure you invest in a vacuum cleaner that works for you, comparing different products like the Shark Navigator vs. Shark Rotator vs. Shark Rocket. Try out different products and read reviews, as well as looking for tips about the best way to use the products you have. You want to make the most of them.

Clean Little By Little

When it gets to the weekend, and your to-do list is full of enormous tasks, it can feel a bit overwhelming. It’s much better to break down your chores into smaller tasks to make them more manageable, and clean as you go. Instead of writing down “clean the bathroom”, you can split it into cleaning the shower, toilet and basin. It will make a longer list of things to do, but you’ll whizz through each task.

Make Sure Everyone’s Pitching In

In this modern age, it’s not far for the lady of the house to do all the cleaning. Of course, if your partner works full-time and you don’t, you might do a bit more of the housework. But everyone in the house should pitch in to keep things going, whether it’s cleaning or DIY. You can get the kids to help too, even if they’re only small. Little ones can put their toys away, wipe a table or put some of the groceries in the kitchen cupboards.

Housework doesn’t have to control your life. If you feel like it’s eating up all your spare time, use these tips to get your life back.

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