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Measurements And Considerations TO Make Before Purchasing The Special Tomato EIO Push Chair

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It can be tricky as a parent trying to find a special needs stroller that can provide your child with the necessary support and positioning that they need.  For many parents, there is no substitute to seeing particular adaptive equipment in person and testing it before purchasing.  If you are unsure of the measurements you need to be aware to work out whether or not you should purchase a Special Tomato EIO push chair, then please continue reading as this is what we will discuss in the following article.

Your Child’s Weight

As the Special Tomato EIO chair has a maximum weight capacity of 90 lbs. or 40.8 Kg, it is important that you accurately weigh your child and make a note of their weight in either Kilograms or pounds.

Your Child’s Hip Width

Your child’s hip width is measure at their hip joint, while they are seated.  One way you can do this is by placing two books at either side of your child’s hips and then measuring in a straight line between their hips, across their lap.  The seat width of the EIO push chair is 12” or 30.5 cm.

Your Child’s Thigh Depth

This is another measurement that should be taken while your child is seated.  Ensure that your child is sitting with their buttocks against the back of a seat.  Measure this in a straight line from just behind their bent knee to where their buttocks meet the back of the seat.   The EIO Special Tomato chair has a seat depth of 12~ or 30.5cm.  It is worth keeping in mind that the angle of the leg rest is adjustable; therefore children that have thigh depth measurements less than 12” or 30.5 cm will still be able to fit comfortably onto this chair.

Your Child’s Back Height

Again, this is another measurement taken while your child is seated.  Ensure that your child is sitting as far back on the seat as possible.  Measure in a straight line from where their buttocks meet the seat surface to the top of their shoulders.  The EIO push chair has a backrest height of 24” or 61cm.

Your Child’s Back Height To Top Of Head

Make sure your child is seated as far back in the seat as possible and measure in a straight line from where their buttocks meet the surface of the seat to the top of their head.  As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the backrest height of this chair is 24” or 61 cm.

Your Child’s For To Knee Height

While your child is seated, measure from their shoe’s bottom, along the back of their leg to the back of their knee joint, where it bends at an angle of 90 degrees.  This chair has a seat to footplate height of 13” or 33 cm.

If you follow the above instructions you can be sure whether purchasing this particular push chair is the best decision for your child.

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