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Is It Safe To Take Your Kids on Cruise Holidays?

If you’re thinking of going on a cruise holiday with the family, you’ll probably be wondering whether it’s really safe to take kids along with you. Well, we can tell you that it’s definitely safe – in fact, cruise lines have been trying very hard to attract families by teaming up with certain children’s TV channels like Nickelodeon, and are offering parents the chance to bring their kids along for free!


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There are so many things for kids to do on a cruise. There are both kid’s and teen’s clubs, video arcades, waterslides, outdoor movies, basketball, and more! However, although taking kids on a cruise holiday is safe, there is a downside. More and more kids are boarding cruise ships, especially during the school holidays…for a couple wanting to take a romantic getaway, they may find themselves on a ship with thousands of children. While many of these kids will be playing in the arcades or spending time with their families, there has been talk of children roaming the hallways alone, taking over the hot tubs, and causing havoc for older cruisers.

Many cruise ships handle the influx of children very well, but this doesn’t stop some cruisers who aren’t too keen on children saying that they’re never going back during the school holidays. If you want to go on a cruise with the whole family, then taking your kids could be a wonderful idea – just beware that there will be hundreds of other kids there too, and you might not get any peace for the duration. Saying that, you’ll all still have a wonderful time.  

Of course, there’s a chance your kids won’t appreciate the cruise as much as they should – they’ll be a ton of amazing sites/places to see, but will they really appreciate the experience? Unless there are a lot of amenities on board the ship for them, they could get bored. Take a look here for some cruises you and your children could be interested in.

If you do decide to take the whole family on a cruise holiday, rest assured that it’s very safe. The only thing we’ll say is, make sure you keep them under control. Kids should not be left to run amok in the corridors, allowed to cannonball in the jacuzzi, or be rude to older cruisers. We advise that you know where your kids are and what they are doing at all times, by checking on them and asking them to check in with you every so often. You don’t want them to wreak havoc on the ship while you sunbathe on the deck, blissfully unaware of what’s going on. Plus, while it’ll be nice for the parents to relax and the kids to go and play for a while, what’s the point in going on a cruise holiday as a family if you don’t plan on spending time together as a family?

There are many pros and cons to cruising with kids, so weigh them up and decide whether it’s worth bringing the kids along!


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