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How to Ensure Your Garden is Safe for Your Kids to Play in

We can’t keep our eyes on our children every second of the day even though we try hard, and during the summer they need to get outside and play. Keeping our children safe is our prime concern through every waking moment and we would feel devastated if any harm befell them through our inaction.

There are different types of danger we need to consider when looking at our children’s safety. These fall into two categories; physical and security. We will take a look in this article, at some of the dangers that your garden may present to your children and what we can do to minimise them.



This is an obvious danger no matter where you live or what style of garden you own. Good, strong fencing is essential to keep intruders out and children in. Now this needn’t mean turning your home into a fortress, just adding a physical barrier that will stop anyone having free access. The fence can be disguised or made from lots of different materials so there is no need for it to look ugly. The garden should have a good gate which is locked at all times.


There are a myriad of physical dangers that the garden presents to a child and negating them is usually down to common sense. Some of the dangers are life threatening and some may cause minor injury, so let’s take a look at a few of them and the solutions.


  • Water. A garden pond is a death trap to a young child. No matter how capable you think they are, leave nothing to chance. It seems that you only take your eye off the children for a moment and disaster happens. Ponds should be fenced off or, better still, go to a local fabrication company and have them build a steel grill that can be placed over the pond until the children have grown up. It will allow wildlife to flourish while keeping your kids safe. All too often we hear about children coming to harm in ponds.
  • Trees. Are your trees healthy and safe? If you own a large tree you may be wise to seek the opinion of a qualified tree surgeon. Structural weaknesses may not be immediately obvious to the untrained eye and large branches can fall. Low hanging branches can bring a headache to a child running from enemy soldier as well, so they may need removing.
  • Bushes. Shrubs often come with thorns that will scratch your kids as they explore the jungle or hide from invading aliens. The only answer is to dig them up and replace them with some more suitable planting. Perhaps a rose garden can wait until the kids are a little older.
  • Glass. Do you have a greenhouse or cold frame? As you are aware, broken glass is deadly. There is some useful safety film on the market that can be applied to your glass and, should it be broken, will help to ensure the shards remain stuck to the film and prevent your child coming to harm. Alternatively, replace your glass with plastic sheeting.
  • Garden tools. Many tools you use to garden are sharp and can be very dangerous when children try to play with them. The best way to avoid those kinds of accidents is to store your tools in a locked garden shed. If you do not have a shed, you can easily add one to your garden with a steel building kit. You can decide if a steel shed is right for you by reading Armstrong steel reviews from real people who also have them.



Now, after having said all of the above, I don’t wish you to have nightmares. With sensible precautions, there is no reason your kids can’t play their way through the summer in safe surroundings. Most of the subjects raised here are, you may say, obvious. Ye, they are, however, they still need stating otherwise children would not still be coming to preventable harm. So set to work in your garden and give your kids the safe, happy summer they deserve while having peace of mind yourself. No job is more worthwhile.

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