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How To Deal With Childhood Allergies In Your Home

The immune systems of our children are under constant attack from the modern world. Thanks to traffic and air travel there are more pollutants in the air than at any other time in recorded history. How life expectancy is increasing under such conditions will always be a mystery to me. Childhood allergies are on the increase, and I believe those environmental issues are a contributing factor. Asthma is commonplace in the young these days; thankfully many of them grow out of it as they approach their teenage years.


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We cannot control what goes on outside, but we can try to make the home a pleasant place to be that doesn’t exacerbate our child’s allergy symptoms. You will have to change a few things about the house and work a little harder to keep it clean. Here are a few ideas to help you deal with childhood allergies in the home.


Dust has an affect on children with lung conditions, and it can also trigger symptoms of hay fever. Make no mistake; dust is your biggest enemy. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep it under control.

  • Never use a dry duster to clean surfaces. If you are going to use cloth, it should be damp so that the dust sticks to it.
  • Suck the dust up with a dusting attachment on a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum should have HEPA filters, so nothing comes back into the air. Check out the best vacuum cleaner reviews online before buying one. The top quality machines will be expensive, but they are worth the cost.
  • Keep soft furnishings to a minimum. Scatter cushions and throws hold onto dust and shed tiny fibres that will irritate those with a low tolerance to them.
  • Use laminate flooring instead of carpets. Though you vacuum the carpet every day, it is impossible to remove every trace of dirt and dust. Use a mop to clean the laminate on a daily basis.
  • Use window blinds instead of curtains. You could use the changes as an opportunity to revamp the interior design of your home.
  • If your children sneeze every time you cat or dog comes near them, get rid of the pet. What is more important to you, your children or your animals? Do the right thing.


Are you aware of the ingredients that go into concentrated cleaning products? Chemicals such as chlorine could affect our child’s immune system, skin, or lungs if they are exposed to it when they are young. You can replace all of the dangerous chemicals with natural cleaning products instead. Acid cuts through grease, so citrus fruit juice is an ideal substitute for many products. Vinegar will remove limescale in the bathroom and kill the bacteria that makes the plug holes smell.

Keeping your house clean and dust free isn’t an easy job, but when you get into a routine, you will think nothing of it. The family members who are prone to allergies will benefit from your efforts, and they might get respite from their conditions. If you achieve that, well done! All it took was time, effort, and ingenuity.

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