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Help Your Children Cope With Allergies – The Interior Design And Healthy Cleaning Bible

Modern life is taking its toll on the health of all of us. Childhood allergies are on the rise, and some of our kids are having a tough time of it. There is not much we can do to influence what goes on outside the home; there is pollution wherever you turn. We can try to make our homes clean and a safe place to be so that when they come home that can get respite from the symptoms of their condition.

If you are tired of watching your child suffer, here are some ways to clean and alter the interior design of your home to help ease their suffering.

Interior Design

You must make changes to the interior design of your home, but that doesn’t mean the style must suffer. Use any or all of these tips as you see fit.

  • Furniture. If your rooms have unnecessary furniture, dispose of much of it and keep only the things that you need. This exercise gives you the perfect opportunity to dispose of your old things and buy one or two top quality Shiro Walnut examples instead. Though you dispose of your old stuff, the rooms will look better for it.
  • Carpet. Carpets sometimes harbour dust and animal life that irritates people with allergies. Replace them all with laminate flooring instead. The laminate costs about the same as quality carpet and it easy to fit.
  • Curtains. Curtains harbour dust too. Replace them with some modern window blinds instead. There is a vast array of designs and shades from which to choose, so there is something out there for you.


Dust, pollen, and microscopic bugs are responsible for much suffering in sensitive people. It is vital to keep the rooms sparkling clean if they are to find relief while they are in the house. It isn’t hard to do, but you must change your shopping and cleaning habits.

  1. Use a damp cloth instead of a dry one to dust the surfaces in your home. The damp cloth will hold onto the dust instead of making it fly into the air.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner with a duster attachment as long as it also has HEPA filtration.
  3. Do not use furniture polish from an aerosol, use beeswax or a drop of olive oil instead. These natural products will not irritate the child’s lungs.
  4. Mop the laminate floor every day. It will get dusty if you leave it.
  5. Use natural cleaning products such as lemon and white vinegar in place of the toxic chemicals that are sold to us with powerful advertising campaigns.

Air Quality

You can improve the air quality with air conditioning. These portable machines take in fresh air from outside, remove some of the moisture, filter, and cool it before blowing it into the house. The action gives the room a positive pressure so pollution cannot enter through draughty windows and doors. It is an effective way to keep the irritating particles out.

Luckily, many children grow out of the allergies when they reach their teens, but have a miserable time of it up until then. Some will have the condition for the rest of their lives. They must have a place to find relief. It is good for parents too because no-one likes to see their child suffer. I hope you found this useful, take from it what you can. be proactive; you can help them.


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