Fast ways to refresh your bedroom

Fast ways to refresh your bedroomWhen you first think about redoing your bedroom – or your child’s – the idea might be a little daunting. Thinking about new furniture, fresh paint, and new everything else can be a bit much. Also, there is no way that you can accomplish all of that quickly, with a limited budget. But you’re also really tired of stepping into an outdated room that you don’t like any more. So, what can you do?

Change out the bed frame

One overlooked way to change the look of a bedroom in no time is to switch out the bed frames for a different style. If your existing frame is ornate and elaborate, go instead with a lower metal frame that is partially obscured by the mattress. This type of frame lets the bed linens become the star of the show so that you can buy everything from Disney Princesses for the kids to larger floral patterns or luxurious fabrics. If the frame hasn’t been a focal point, find one that adds some character to change up the room such as a large wooden frame with slats or a sleigh bed.

Purchase new bedding

Sometimes you get so used to your bed linens that they fade into the background. For a really quick way to change up the look of the entire room, get a new set of bedding. Go with a completely different bold color family, or choose a pattern rather than a solid block of color. Don’t forget that your window treatments may need a little updating as well – some bedding kits come with curtains or blinds plus pillow shams and bed skirts that match the new set. Regardless, the vibrancy of the new bed linens makes the entire room feel rejuvenated with hardly any changes made at all.

Paint the walls

Paint is one of the first things people tend to think of when they start planning a bedroom overhaul, but it’s often an overwhelming idea. To bring the workload down a few notches, consider just painting one accent wall or adding a painted feature in one part of the room. Murals often make a nice touch in children’s bedrooms whether they like football, superheroes or wildlife. If the entire room could use a good paint job, however, bite the bullet and get the job done. Once you’re finished, the bedroom will feel fresh and new, even if you don’t change another thing. Consider color palettes you wouldn’t normally put together, or try stripes or even spots. Buying new paintings or adding photographs to the walls can additionally make a massive difference – there are plenty of multi-photo frames on the market allowing you to show off your family snaps.

Take the pressure off and switch just one element of your bedroom to make a big difference to your space. Larger changes can always happen later if you still feel that they’re still necessary. As with cooking, keep in mind that simple ingredients can easily create a different flavor.