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Everything Women Need to Know About Buying a Great Bag

A great bag can literally make or break your outfit. Wearing a fun bag can be a great way to show off your personality, impress your friends, and even impress your boss (perhaps enough to give you that promotion!). If you choose the wrong bag, your look can suffer greatly – nobody wants that, do they? Perhaps you’re not sure of how exactly to buy the perfect bag that will compliment any look you choose. Well, we are – so sit back, relax, and learn everything you need to know about buying a great bag!


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Body Types

In the same way you’d choose a nice top or pair of jeans, a handbag should fit your body type. I don’t mean that the shape of the bag should match your figure, rather you should choose the opposite of your body type. If you’re a tall, thin woman, then a large oversized bag could look amazing. However, it’s all about what makes you feel comfortable, and if you don’t like something you should pass on it. A nice, classic design will last for years while maintaining a sense of style.

Fakes and Lookalikes

If you’re looking to get a designer bag, you need to watch out for fakes. A fake is something that has totally ripped off a designer bag, complete with their logo. A lookalike can also be called a ‘dupe’ where a bag is simply inspired by a designer piece (a lot of womens clothes stores do this). If your deal seems to be too good to be true and you’re thinking of buying from a market or eBay seller, then it could be a fake (although eBay is good for bargains at times). Make sure you only buy your bags from reputable sellers.

The Handles

You must have had a bag at one point or another that was uncomfortable for you to carry. This is usually down to the handles. Some people like to carry their bag over their shoulders, others like to wear them cross body. Whatever your preference, don’t stray too far from it. You’ll carry your bag with you every day, so you need to be comfortable. To get an idea of the kind of bag you could be carrying with you day to day, check this out from Shinola.


It might be tempting to buy a big oversized bag for fashion purposes, but if you don’t have a lot of things to carry with you, it’s pointless. You’ll end up overfilling your bag, and rummaging around for what feels like an age looking for what you’re after. Buy a bag big enough to fit your essentials; purse, phone, I.D, glasses, lipstick, and anything else you need. This doesn’t have to be huge!

Colour and Pattern

You don’t need to be boring when choosing a new bag. Although it should be versatile, you can still choose a colourful or patterned bag that will go with most of your wardrobe. In fact, your bag could make a lovely focal point!

Go on ladies, go out there and buy the bag of your dreams!


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