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Entertaining Extras You Can Hire for Your Child’s Birthday Party

If your child has a birthday party coming up, then you obviously want to make sure that they have the best time EVER. Birthdays are 10 times as exciting for kids as they are for us adults, so making them special is a must. Yes, you could simply hire a hall, invite their friends, and hope for the best, but what makes a truly amazing party are the entertaining extras! Need inspiration? this post will give you plenty of ideas:


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A Fun Photobooth

Fun photobooths are all the rage, and can be placed anywhere within a party venue ready for both kids and adults to pile in and have their picture taken. It might look like one of those booths where you get your passport photo taken, but it’s much more fun and can even come with props to make the photographs twice as hilarious!

A Karaoke Machine

Who doesn’t love to sing on the karaoke? You’ll get hours of entertainment, plenty of entertaining videos, and some very excited children. Take a look at these karaoke machine reviews to find the perfect one for the party!

A Clown

Clowns can be lots of fun, but do be careful that no one at the party has a phobia. Some children hate clowns so check with their parents before booking yours. However, some children love clowns, and some of them can do some great tricks/offer great entertainment packages. You might even want to take it one step further if your child loves to be scared, and hire a clown to follow them around like this crazy service. Just be warned: you might end up paying for counselling afterwards.

A Face Painter

Most children love having their faces painted, as they can be anything they want to be; a butterfly, a smurf, a tiger, or something else even more fun and creative.

A Bouncy Castle

Adults and children love bouncing on bouncy castles at parties – who’d have thought that some rubber filled with air could provide hours of entertainment? It’s even a great workout too, so you don’t need to feel guilty about plying the kids with sweets and cakes!

A Balloon Artist

Great balloon artists can make all kinds of fun balloon toys; dogs, hats, balls, butterflies – you name it, they can make it. The kids are fascinated watching them, and they get some lovely souvenirs to take home with them afterwards.

A Confectionary Cart

Confectionary carts look amazing even as just a decoration at a children’s party, but they’re also perfect for giving the kids a sugar rush they’ll never forget. You can get traditional Pic ‘n’ Mix sweets with them, and even some little bags for the kids to take a selection home along with the traditional slice of birthday cake. We think their mums and dads will even love this too!

Are you hiring one of these entertaining extras for your child on their birthday? Let us know in the comments…thanks for reading!

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