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Child Leaving Home? Tips on Redecorating Their Bedroom!

If your child (well, young adult) is due to leave home soon, you’re probably trying to think of different things you can do with their bedroom. If you’re sure they won’t be returning anytime soon, then it would be silly to stop yourself from creating a little space that you can enjoy…it is your house after all! Here are some ideas and tips on decorating:


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Turn It Into That Office You Always Wanted

Would you love somewhere quiet to go when you want to do a little work at home? Turn the room into the home office you’ve always wanted! Even if all you ever do on the computer is shop for clothes, this could still be a nice idea. You’ll need:

  • A computer or laptop.
  • A sturdy, good looking computer desk.
  • A comfy computer chair (the kind that makes you feel important).
  • Good lighting.

I suggest you decorate in neutral colours as you don’t want too much to distract you from your ‘work’. Feel free to decorate with art and accessories though!

Make it a Fancy Dressing Room

Perhaps you’d love a place dedicated to all of those clothes you buy when you’re ‘working’. You could transform your child’s old room into a fancy dressing room! It could be a kind of ‘walk in wardrobe’, with your clothes hung all around the walls and a space where you can get changed with a big mirror. You could even have a dressing table to do your hair and makeup at if the room is big enough. You’ll need:

  • To have an extra large wardrobe installed, or rails around the room.
  • A dressing table.
  • A big mirror that projects a true image (some cheap mirrors really don’t tell the truth).

You’ll probably also want to paint the room and add some girly accents to make it look glam.

Transform It Into an Upstairs ‘Lounge’ Space

An upstairs ‘lounge’ space could incorporate both the previous ideas. You could still have a computer in there, but what about a TV too? A bit like an upstairs living room! You could even have a bookcase filled with your favourite reads, so you’ve got somewhere peaceful to go and catch up on your literature. You’ll need:

  • A TV.
  • A Computer.
  • Somewhere comfy to sit.
  • A bookcase.
  • A bean bag – optional.

Make this room as chilled as possible with dimmer switches and lots of comforting furniture/accessories.

Add a Sofa Bed…Just Incase

Whatever you decide to do with your child’s old room, adding a sofa bed into your plans would be a fantastic idea. You never know when they are going to come home for the night, or perhaps even move back in with you when times get hard. Sure, you can get rid of their old bed, but a sofa bed kills two birds with one stone. There are even bespoke sofa beds you can purchase to suit any decoration ideas you had in mind.

Keep Any Achievements or Mementos You Love on Show

Lastly, I think it would be nice to keep any of your child’s achievements and your favourite mementos on show. This will make you smile as you gaze around their old room!


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