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Revolution Mother

Being a Mum, what do we really want for Mother’s Day?

We all have a concept of what we would like to get our beloved Mum for Mother’s Day, is it flowers, chocolates or jewellery, whatever it is, our aim is to make our Mum smile.

 However, being Mums ourselves, have you ever thought about what you would really like for Mother’s Day?

 Partners, and children that are old enough, can go out and buy something, while younger children may make us something nice. With both, as long as the thought is there, most of us do not care what the end product is.

 However, it is nice receiving a gift that takes your breath away. There are some things that make better Mother’s Day gifts than others. Jewellery is always a nice treat, especially if it is something that you have had your eyes on for a while.

 Then you have the usual suspects, chocolates, flowers and perfume can be great gifts for Mums, but require little thought from the gift giver.

 Some Mums receive ‘joke’ presents, which include cleaning product and diet pills. As long as these are very much joke presents and nothing else, they may raise a small smile as well as raised eyebrows.

 But, what do Mums really want for Mother’s Day?

 There are some things that money cannot buy, and it is these things that Mums really want.

 Mums often run around like headless chickens for most of the day. The day is hectic and full of pressures that loved ones may not really appreciated in full. So, for Mother’s Day Mums want to be given something that enables them to enjoy being themselves, and do things that during any other day of the year, they cannot do.

 Time cannot be bought, instead it needs to be given to you. Some research was conducted last year, and it found that some Mums did not want things, they just needed time.

 What things would be a great gift for you this Mother’s Day?

 Mums want sleep, rest and recuperation. This is not as obvious to your partner or your children, so you may need to drop some subtle hints.


(Thanks to Sean Hobson, via Flickr, for the great photo)

 Mums also want to spend some quality time as a family. This can prove difficult during the year, everyone has so much going on in their lives that quality family time can sometimes can shunned and pushed to the back of our priorities. Your loved ones should make it a priority this Mother’s Day.

 Most Mums are happy with a gift, but this year loved ones can make it extra special by making the day as easy as possible on Mother’s Day.

 It’s also the little things that can mean the most. Artwork from children, a hot drink, breakfast in bed, and making sure that the house is tidy.

 Ultimately it is about making Mum feeling special, the day is theirs and this should be made very clear in both what gifts are bought and what time is given.

 So, do Mums a good deed and give them something money cannot buy this year for Mother’s Day.

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