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Are You Guilty Of Forgetting These Golden Rules To Buying A Family Car?

The family car sector is big business for the motor industry, with leading global manufacturers competing for the chance to sell the best and most-popular models to parents all over the world! As you can probably imagine, there is a plethora of different models for mums and dads everywhere to choose from, ranging from frugal hatchbacks to luxurious motorway stormers.


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But did you know that a lot of parents end up buying the wrong cars for their needs, because they have not remembered (or weren’t aware of) the golden rules to buying a family car? If you are planning on buying a family-oriented car soon, make sure you take the following points on board before you part with your money – otherwise you could end up making a costly mistake!

The importance of having the perfect (car) body

One of the biggest epic fails that a lot of parents make is buying a car with the wrong body style:

  • Saloon cars are good for families with children that do not need prams, as the boots of such cars are rather inflexible and limited on space;

  • Hatchback cars are popular for parents with growing families, and make it easy to load cargo in the boot and in the back of the car;

  • Estate cars are more difficult to park but provide the ultimate amount of cargo and cabin space, especially if you have to transport pets at the same time.

Avoid three-door cars like the plague

Have you ever had to regularly get a baby in and out of the back of a three-door car? It’s a rather stressful experience, and one that should be avoided at all costs! Whatever car you buy, make sure that it has five doors instead of three.

Some larger vehicles, such as the Ford S-Max, have large doors which offer the most amount of flexibility for getting babies and baby paraphernalia out of the car.

Luxury cars can be affordable family cars too

There is a common misconception that the more-luxurious vehicles on the market such as Mercedes cars are typically expensive and completely out of reach for the average Vauxhall Astra driver, for example, but they can still be bought – as long as you are willing to limit yourself to only used models!

To be honest, I wouldn’t buy a brand new car anyway because of the depreciation hit that I’d have to take, but for those that don’t want to experience the joys of diagnosing strange noises, sounds and smells from mature cars, you could buy nearly-new models as they will save you thousands off the list price of new ones.

Make sure you can disable the passenger airbag

Unbeknownst to many people is the fact that not all cars offer you the ability to put your baby at the front of the car with you. Therefore, when researching what family cars to put on your shortlist, make sure that they offer you the ability to disable the front passenger airbag when you’ve got your baby on board and acting as your co-pilot!

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