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5 Things I’d Love My Kids to Buy Me for My Birthday

As any mum will attest, the gifts that our young children give to us are sometimes disappointing. Of course, we appreciate their efforts in attempting to give us the perfect present, but more often than not, we are left with a plethora of tacky photo frames and fridge magnets. While this does sound rather ungrateful, and that is not our intention, there are some things that all mums would love to receive on gift bearing occasions. Here are my top five gifts, that I wish my kids would buy me on my birthday:


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While this may seem a little odd, I love relaxing while being bathed in candlelight. I have candles in my bathroom, so that when I have those rare moments of ‘alone time’ I can sit back and relax in dimly lit surroundings, while being immersed in hot soapy water. It’s idyllic to say the least. A candle gift is essentially the gift of relaxation. Relaxing is so essential for our emotional well being, but as busy mums with hectic lifestyles, this seems more like a luxury than a necessity.


The gift of music is seriously underrated. There is nothing more wonderful than receiving a new CD, or an iTune’s voucher. Music is the ultimate mood lifter, so if I’m having a particularly rubbish day, I like to dance around to my favourite songs to lift my spirits. Of course, giving the gift of music is very personal. I’d be happy with a mixed CD, or playlist, that my children had compiled themselves. While their favourite songs may not be to my musical taste, I would thoroughly appreciate the effort that they had gone to.

Outdoor Ornaments

I love gardening, so having lovely ornaments in my garden is essential. I love adorning my outdoor furniture with gorgeous centerpieces. Bark lanterns are perfect for the outdoors as they suitably match with their surroundings while Zen gardens are perfect for making your outdoor space a more peaceful place.


Reading is a form of escapism, so delving into a riveting fictional piece allows me to take a break from reality. I don’t think that there is anything more enjoyable than reading a cracking yarn. You can get lost in the pages; you fall in love with the characters and, more importantly, you are exercising your brain. A day of watching children’s cartoons can seriously take its toll, so it is important that I take the time to read.


Of course, perfume is a difficult gift to buy, so I don’t expect my kids to know what scents I like. When I’m getting ready for a rare night out, I feel that the perfume completes my outfit. More importantly, smelling good inspires confidence within. You look amazing and you smell amazing. What could be more perfect? That said, nights out are few and far between these days!

Whatever your children buy you for your birthday, you are sure to love it regardless. My advice is to drop hints to your partner, so that you get exactly what you want for your birthday.

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