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5 classic TV shows to show your kids


It seems there are a lot of children’s TV shows and a lot of grown up family shows. But what about those TV programs you used to watch as a child? You know, the ones that seemed daggy at the time, but in retrospect were full of wholesome values? Your parents would gather you around the TV every Saturday night for some classic family bonding coupled with the latest Warner Bros release.

There are a stack of great TV shows to show your children – but can you remember the names of any off the top of your head? That show you used to watch every afternoon? The programme you laughed to? Cried to? Grew up with? Check out these classics that you and your children will love!

Little House on the Prairie

The simple life. A family that works together, plays together, lives together, laughs and cries together. Set on the backdrop of the American frontier, your children will marvel at the Ingalls family as they struggle and succeed in this harsh environment.

The Wonder Years

Who could forget this classic coming of age TV series? We all joined in teenage angst with Kevin, Paul and Winnie as they navigated the stormy waters of growing up. From first kisses, parents, school troubles, driving and a liberal dose of humour, The Wonder Years had it all. Look past the classic 80’s clothing and your kids will discover that some things never go out of style!

The Cosby Show

The Huxtables brought us into their Brooklyn home and into their hearts. We could all relate to and laugh with the whole family. Based on classic values, the Cosby Show brought down many racial barriers in US television, showing a normal, loving, clean-living family into our living rooms. What made the Cosby Show a great program for your children? It’s hilarious! Bill Cosby’s seamless humour and candour will certainly resonate with your children.


No-one, but no-one can look at a paperclip, gaffer-tape or Swiss Army knife the same way after watching an episode of MacGyver! You were amazed at the way MacGyver could get out of any situation using his bare wits and simple gadgets. Your children too will be amazed at how MacGyver used smarts to get out of almost any situation. A classic TV series that shows violence is not the answer to problems, and that clear thinking, education and a paperclip can get you out of any difficult situation!

There are heaps of classic shows that are perfect for you and your children to watch. Shows that you don’t need to worry about covering your children’s eyes or ears. Shows that won’t give them nightmares. Classics you can snuggle up together and spend a night in front of the TV with. As any parent will attest, there are so many programs that don’t support those values you hold close too. Why not check out some of the classics to enjoy together?

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