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A Safe Family Home: 3 Steps


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Your family is the most important thing in the world to you. Looking after their safety should be your top priority. As a parent, the obligation to take care of your little ones is great. You don’t want to see any harm come to your family and, of course, you will do anything you can to protect them.

You can start looking out for your family’s safety at home. Your home is where you and your family spend the most time, so it is vital that it is a safe and comfortable environment. Many people believe that a home is just a play to lay your head, but, when you have a family, this can’t be true. Building a safe and secure place for your children to grow up, will mean that they are happier and more confident in later life.

Childhood is the most important part of anyone’s life. This period, fleeting as it is, is when a person becomes who they will be in adult life. You can do your child a huge favour by ensuring that during this hard time, they have the security that only a safe home can bring. Here are three steps to keeping your family safe at home.

Step One: Educate Your Children On Safety

It is your job to educate your child in home safety. Children do not learn how to be safe in school, so when they are at home you should be showing them how to be safe all the time. Teaching your children how to be safe from a young age will prevent accidents in later life.

For example, from the age of about five you should begin to show your child how to be safe in the kitchen. Kitchen safety is one of the most important types of home safety. Your child needs to understand the importance of staying away from the hobs when they are on and not going near hot fat. By instating these rules from an early age, you help your child to become a conscientious person. When a child understands the things that are dangerous to them within the home, they will make an effort to avoid those things.

Step Two: Consider Moving To A Private Estate

When your child reaches about eleven or twelve, they will begin to ask to play outside with their friends. You need to be able to allow your child this freedom so that they don’t become sheltered and shy away from other children. The problem is though that letting your child out into a public street is dangerous. There is traffic and also people who could harm your child.

One solution to this problem is to move your family to a private estate, such as Emerald Park. A private estate means that the area is not open to outsiders, only to residents. If you do move, your home will be much safer, and you can allow your child to play outside with their friends with total confidence.

Step Three: Build Social Support

If you are living in an area where there are other families, then building social support could benefit everyone. Knowing that families around you are looking out for the welfare of your and your family is comforting. You can build a support system by starting a parenting group in the area. The group will become a social event for you and your partner and it will also mean that you know the people around you. Your neighbours should also be your friends. If you make an effort with them, they will be there for you in times of trouble.

Help Your Children Cope With Allergies – The Interior Design And Healthy Cleaning Bible

Modern life is taking its toll on the health of all of us. Childhood allergies are on the rise, and some of our kids are having a tough time of it. There is not much we can do to influence what goes on outside the home; there is pollution wherever you turn. We can try to make our homes clean and a safe place to be so that when they come home that can get respite from the symptoms of their condition.

If you are tired of watching your child suffer, here are some ways to clean and alter the interior design of your home to help ease their suffering.

Interior Design

You must make changes to the interior design of your home, but that doesn’t mean the style must suffer. Use any or all of these tips as you see fit.

  • Furniture. If your rooms have unnecessary furniture, dispose of much of it and keep only the things that you need. This exercise gives you the perfect opportunity to dispose of your old things and buy one or two top quality Shiro Walnut examples instead. Though you dispose of your old stuff, the rooms will look better for it.
  • Carpet. Carpets sometimes harbour dust and animal life that irritates people with allergies. Replace them all with laminate flooring instead. The laminate costs about the same as quality carpet and it easy to fit.
  • Curtains. Curtains harbour dust too. Replace them with some modern window blinds instead. There is a vast array of designs and shades from which to choose, so there is something out there for you.


Dust, pollen, and microscopic bugs are responsible for much suffering in sensitive people. It is vital to keep the rooms sparkling clean if they are to find relief while they are in the house. It isn’t hard to do, but you must change your shopping and cleaning habits.

  1. Use a damp cloth instead of a dry one to dust the surfaces in your home. The damp cloth will hold onto the dust instead of making it fly into the air.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner with a duster attachment as long as it also has HEPA filtration.
  3. Do not use furniture polish from an aerosol, use beeswax or a drop of olive oil instead. These natural products will not irritate the child’s lungs.
  4. Mop the laminate floor every day. It will get dusty if you leave it.
  5. Use natural cleaning products such as lemon and white vinegar in place of the toxic chemicals that are sold to us with powerful advertising campaigns.

Air Quality

You can improve the air quality with air conditioning. These portable machines take in fresh air from outside, remove some of the moisture, filter, and cool it before blowing it into the house. The action gives the room a positive pressure so pollution cannot enter through draughty windows and doors. It is an effective way to keep the irritating particles out.

Luckily, many children grow out of the allergies when they reach their teens, but have a miserable time of it up until then. Some will have the condition for the rest of their lives. They must have a place to find relief. It is good for parents too because no-one likes to see their child suffer. I hope you found this useful, take from it what you can. be proactive; you can help them.


Neil Turner

Child Leaving Home? Tips on Redecorating Their Bedroom!

If your child (well, young adult) is due to leave home soon, you’re probably trying to think of different things you can do with their bedroom. If you’re sure they won’t be returning anytime soon, then it would be silly to stop yourself from creating a little space that you can enjoy…it is your house after all! Here are some ideas and tips on decorating:


Image Author: Flickr

Turn It Into That Office You Always Wanted

Would you love somewhere quiet to go when you want to do a little work at home? Turn the room into the home office you’ve always wanted! Even if all you ever do on the computer is shop for clothes, this could still be a nice idea. You’ll need:

  • A computer or laptop.
  • A sturdy, good looking computer desk.
  • A comfy computer chair (the kind that makes you feel important).
  • Good lighting.

I suggest you decorate in neutral colours as you don’t want too much to distract you from your ‘work’. Feel free to decorate with art and accessories though!

Make it a Fancy Dressing Room

Perhaps you’d love a place dedicated to all of those clothes you buy when you’re ‘working’. You could transform your child’s old room into a fancy dressing room! It could be a kind of ‘walk in wardrobe’, with your clothes hung all around the walls and a space where you can get changed with a big mirror. You could even have a dressing table to do your hair and makeup at if the room is big enough. You’ll need:

  • To have an extra large wardrobe installed, or rails around the room.
  • A dressing table.
  • A big mirror that projects a true image (some cheap mirrors really don’t tell the truth).

You’ll probably also want to paint the room and add some girly accents to make it look glam.

Transform It Into an Upstairs ‘Lounge’ Space

An upstairs ‘lounge’ space could incorporate both the previous ideas. You could still have a computer in there, but what about a TV too? A bit like an upstairs living room! You could even have a bookcase filled with your favourite reads, so you’ve got somewhere peaceful to go and catch up on your literature. You’ll need:

  • A TV.
  • A Computer.
  • Somewhere comfy to sit.
  • A bookcase.
  • A bean bag – optional.

Make this room as chilled as possible with dimmer switches and lots of comforting furniture/accessories.

Add a Sofa Bed…Just Incase

Whatever you decide to do with your child’s old room, adding a sofa bed into your plans would be a fantastic idea. You never know when they are going to come home for the night, or perhaps even move back in with you when times get hard. Sure, you can get rid of their old bed, but a sofa bed kills two birds with one stone. There are even bespoke sofa beds you can purchase to suit any decoration ideas you had in mind.

Keep Any Achievements or Mementos You Love on Show

Lastly, I think it would be nice to keep any of your child’s achievements and your favourite mementos on show. This will make you smile as you gaze around their old room!


The Secret Strategies That Will Help Moms Manage Household Chores

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the household chores that you have to do on a day to basis. You may find yourself struggling to cope with the heavy workload at times. What you may not know, however, is that you can make the task of doing your chores easier. With the help of some simple tactics, household chores can be tamed and made manageable.

Have a Regime



One of the best steps that you can take is to have a house cleaning regime. Such a regime might mean that you have days which are dedicated to one aspect of cleaning. For instance, you might have a day that is dedicated to vacuuming. You will want to organise your days in a fashion that is best for you. Time consuming tasks might need to be allocated to those days in which you have a lot of spare time, so that you do not feel under pressure.

If you can, you might want to get the kids to help you. You could choose to delegate and assign tasks based on what you need to do. By having one person who is in charge of a specific room, or cleaning task, you will be able to make things much more manageable. There is also the option of creating a rota, so different people are assigned a different task each week. You will need to make sure you are enforcing any rules you create.

Get Some Help

You also have the option of hiring an outside firm to help you get the household chores done. For instance, you might hire a firm that is willing to do the cleaning for you. The firm you pick will depend on what you struggle the with most, and least enjoy doing. For example, to save time you may want to find firms that do dry cleaning delivery. Such a firm will take your dirty clothes from you and deliver them back to you, cleaned and ready to wear.

Don’t Let Things Get Bad



The steps mentioned are useful when it comes to making chores easier to manage. However,  you might find it even more beneficial to prevent things from getting this bad in the first place. There are a number of ways in which you can do this. You may choose to allocate a little bit of time every day, when you do a light bit of cleaning. You may also decide to clean up messes as soon as they happen. Provided that you do a little bit of work each day, you should be able to keep things manageable.

No More Chores?

It is unlikely that you will be able to eliminate your household chores completely. However, you can make your household chores much more manageable. You can do this by engaging the help of everyone in the house. You might also want to call some outside help to assist you in getting the job done. Regardless, you no longer have to feel overwhelmed when it comes to completing your household chores.

How To Deal With Childhood Allergies In Your Home

The immune systems of our children are under constant attack from the modern world. Thanks to traffic and air travel there are more pollutants in the air than at any other time in recorded history. How life expectancy is increasing under such conditions will always be a mystery to me. Childhood allergies are on the increase, and I believe those environmental issues are a contributing factor. Asthma is commonplace in the young these days; thankfully many of them grow out of it as they approach their teenage years.


John Liu

We cannot control what goes on outside, but we can try to make the home a pleasant place to be that doesn’t exacerbate our child’s allergy symptoms. You will have to change a few things about the house and work a little harder to keep it clean. Here are a few ideas to help you deal with childhood allergies in the home.


Dust has an affect on children with lung conditions, and it can also trigger symptoms of hay fever. Make no mistake; dust is your biggest enemy. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep it under control.

  • Never use a dry duster to clean surfaces. If you are going to use cloth, it should be damp so that the dust sticks to it.
  • Suck the dust up with a dusting attachment on a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum should have HEPA filters, so nothing comes back into the air. Check out the best vacuum cleaner reviews online before buying one. The top quality machines will be expensive, but they are worth the cost.
  • Keep soft furnishings to a minimum. Scatter cushions and throws hold onto dust and shed tiny fibres that will irritate those with a low tolerance to them.
  • Use laminate flooring instead of carpets. Though you vacuum the carpet every day, it is impossible to remove every trace of dirt and dust. Use a mop to clean the laminate on a daily basis.
  • Use window blinds instead of curtains. You could use the changes as an opportunity to revamp the interior design of your home.
  • If your children sneeze every time you cat or dog comes near them, get rid of the pet. What is more important to you, your children or your animals? Do the right thing.


Are you aware of the ingredients that go into concentrated cleaning products? Chemicals such as chlorine could affect our child’s immune system, skin, or lungs if they are exposed to it when they are young. You can replace all of the dangerous chemicals with natural cleaning products instead. Acid cuts through grease, so citrus fruit juice is an ideal substitute for many products. Vinegar will remove limescale in the bathroom and kill the bacteria that makes the plug holes smell.

Keeping your house clean and dust free isn’t an easy job, but when you get into a routine, you will think nothing of it. The family members who are prone to allergies will benefit from your efforts, and they might get respite from their conditions. If you achieve that, well done! All it took was time, effort, and ingenuity.

Worming and Your Cat: Everything You Need to Know

Your feline friend is your most faithful companion. You want to make sure that she is in premium health. One of the most common illnesses that cats suffer from is worms. While the thought of worms is enough to make you feel queasy, it is important that you are aware of the harmful health effects that worms can cause.


With thanks to Moyan Brenn for the image

The most common type of worm is an intestinal worm. These are known as roundworms and tapeworms. Many infected cats do not show immediate signs of having worms. But, they can become more noticeable as the parasite grows which can affect your cat’s health.

A heavy burden of worms can cause many different symptoms within your feline friend. Typically, the most common symptoms are:

  • Weight loss
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Irritation around the bottom
  • Failure to thrive

While worms are deeply unpleasant for cats, some worms can be harmful to human health too. For those of us that like to pet our animals, we too can contract worms through sheer love of our kitties. As humans can become ill from worms, you must ensure that you have a worming regimen in place to make sure that your cat is treated against worms. Some medications are preventative, and others are administered to eliminate the burden of worms. Whether you are preventing, or eliminating, worms it is critical that you have the correct medication in order to do so. has a wide range of worming medicine for your cat.

Roundworm and tapeworm can be contracted should your cat have had a recent dose of fleas. As tapeworm are the host animal of fleas, they are contracted through other parasites. While this is unpleasant, your cat will need to be treated.

Roundworms are very common in kittens. Kitten are usually infected by their mother and her milk. If your queen (mother cat) has a burden of worms, it may be advisable to treat all kittens within her litter. It is highly unlikely that one kitten from a litter will suffer from worms.

Worming regimes should be implemented from a young age. There are, of course, recommendations to doing so. Kittens should be treated every two weeks when they are three weeks old until they are eight weeks old. Once your kitten is six months old, you can implement a lesser routine. Monthly or bi-monthly is adequate for a cat of this age. As your cat reaches maturity, administering worming medication should be done every three months.

Tapeworms are usually a problem that is associated with adult cats. Tapeworms rarely affect kittens.  However, the two can be a problem for mature cats, so endeavour to purchase medication that is effective against all types of worms. Your cat’s health should be your priority so a dual medication will be needed effectively prevent an infestation of worms.

Medication comes in various forms. The most useful form of medication, according to cat owners, is tablet form. This is because it can be added to the cats daily feed. As a cat owner, you will know the perilous nature of trying to get your cat to take their medicine.

3 Home Improvements Every Smart First Time Buyer Should Save For


Exchanging contracts on your first property is the first step on the journey to buying your “forever home”.

When moving day has come and gone, you can immediately start adding value to your home – ready for when the time comes to move further along the path, towards your dream house.

That’s how most homeowners wish they would’ve started out. And it’s how the smart first time buyer approaches their journey today.

Here are three home improvements you should be saving for, that will add instant value and enjoyment to your new house.

1. Made to measure blinds

Well designed, made-to-measure blinds will instantly improve the appearance of your home – from both the inside and out.

It’s simple – but it works.

See, blinds are an elegant alternative to curtains and offer a number of practical benefits too:

  • Improved privacy – your private business remains just that.
  • Sound-proofing – less sound escapes from well fitted venetian blinds so you are less likely to disturb the neighbours.
  • Temperature control – blinds allow you to easily control the amount of light and heat that comes through your windows.
  • Improved energy efficiency – made to measure blinds prevent heat escaping, or cold drafts coming through your windows.

Because new blinds help to prevent heat loss in the winter, they also help reduce your energy bills. The money saved will help towards the next home improvement – solar panels.

2. Solar panels

Solar panels are quite expensive to buy outright, but the government offers attractive rebates to people using them in the form of Feed-in tariffs (FITs). FITs pay you for the electricity you generate, helping to offset the cost of the panels.

The electricity that your solar panels generate is yours to use as you need. Any electricity that is unused can be sold back into the National Grid, resulting in a lower utility bill.

The units cost around £7000 to buy and install, but experts believe that using solar panels to generate your own electricity will help cut household bills by around £750 a year.

Some households even claim that solar panels generate up to three-quarters of their annual electricity needs.

These savings created can then be put towards the next home improvement – a conservatory.

3. A conservatory or extension

A conservatory is a useful, all-purpose room that will give you more space to enjoy your new home.

There are plenty of designs available, ensuring you will be able to find a conservatory that fits in with the architectural style of your house. You could also consider fitting wooden venetian blinds from Thomas Sanderson to complete the look, or a downstairs extension as your family grows.

It may take a lot longer to save up to buy a conservatory, but the investment will be well worth it in the long run.

The additional living space provided by a conservatory or extension also adds value to your property. By increasing the value of your house, you will have more equity to put towards your next move up the property ladder.

There are two reasons to save up for home improvements – to turn your house into a home, and to add value to the property.

These three suggestions should, over time, help you to create a house that you love, that you can sell for a profit when you are ready.

Got any questions or any more suggestions to add to the list? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

How To Make Room For A Growing Family And Increase The Value Of Your House In One


Brian Bullock

Most people reach a point in their lives where they face a dilemma; move house, or create more space in their home for a growing family. Sometimes they are so happy in the area that they live, relocation is out of the question.

If you find yourself in that situation, there are several home improvements that will give you a little more elbow room. Here are my personal favourites.

A Two Story Extension

If you have the finances and mental strength to undergo a significant alteration to your home, a two-story extension might be the answer. It takes a long time to finish the extension. You will need the services of a reputable architect to get it underway. They will draw some detailed plans to your specifications and submit them to the planning office. When the planning committee convenes, they will study the plans to ensure that they meet with the local regulations. They may decide to contact your neighbours to see if they have any objection to the project before making a decision. Some blueprints are rejected in the early stages so the designer must make changes and re-submit them.

Only when you have planning permission can you proceed with the extension. The building inspector will visit the site at stages of the construction. He will inspect the work and make sure it complies with building regulations.

You feel as if your home has been invaded for three months or more before your alterations are complete. Expect to come to tears during the process; most people do. If the thought of such a project hasn’t made you run to the estate agents in Chadwell Heath in the search for a new home, nothing will. The extension is the most expensive, and intrusive, project.

Loft Conversion

The loft has a huge floor area suitable for several extra bedrooms. The engineers will tell you, but you often do not need planning permission for a loft conversion. It will cost much less than an extension to build, and take less time. That is why loft conversions are so desirable. If you live in and old property, the roof may not have to be  altered, but in modern homes the trusses get in the way. Even if you must replace the roof, the potential space up there makes it worthwhile.


If you have the bedrooms that you need but need more space for lounging about, a cheap and cheerful conservatory might solve your problem. Well, they are cheap in comparison to the other ideas. If it stays within the floor area limits it does not need planning permission. For much less than ten thousand pounds, this extra room could be yours within a couple of weeks.


Instead of building an extension, would you consider converting your garage into a habitable room? Many people do because it is such an easy project. You must make changes to the lighting and power in there and remove the garage door in favor of a patio door or window. Make the walls good with plaster and fit skirting boards. You could do it yourself if you have a flair for building and carpentry, in only a few weeks.

Those are my recommendations for those who need more space. Do you agree with me or do you have a few ideas of your own? Good luck with your home improvements!

The Advantages Of Raising A Family In The Country

City or town life isn’t to everyone’s taste. We are often forced to live close to where we work because of the high cost of the daily commute. Sometimes, however, an opportunity arises where we may get a chance to move to a home in the country with our family.



If you had a golden opportunity to get away and live in the countryside, would you take it? If you are undecided, read on. You will find here, some of the advantages of country life that you may not have considered before. I hope you will see that it is a wise move.

Property Prices

Visit an estate agents in Barkingside, and you will see that some country residences are going for a bargain price compared to a comparable home in the city. You will be able to get a house with acres of land for the same price as a small flat in London, for example. If your family has taken up all of the space in your existing home, think what the country has to offer.

Good Health

How can living in a big town or city be good for you when traffic is polluting the air constantly. If you were to breath all of the gasses from the exhaust pipe of a car, you would be dead in less than a minute. So the emissions from thousands of cars that pass you in a day must affect your health. It is a fact that childhood asthma rates are rising, and pollution probably has much to do with it. Can you imagine the effect clean air will have on you every day of your life? The kids will probably be more active than before, and you may have fewer headaches.

The children will get much more exercise in the country too. There is a huge area to explore out there, and they will have great fun doing it. Instead of watching television they will be able to spend their days running and walking; a compelling argument.


You and your family will be closer to nature and see things you never knew existed. There are lots of animals living out there that you will never get to see in town. If you live near a river, you will probably see an otter some time, as well as an abundance of fish. Squirrels abound, and hedgehogs will visit your garden every night.


Many people who head to the wilds automatically become a little more self-sufficient. Growing your own food is easy when you have plenty of land. Your first crop could supply all of the vegetables you need for next year if you learn how to blanch and freeze them. Because there are no immediate neighbours, you could keep chickens without disturbing other people. Protect them well because there will be a fox about that will kill them all if it can. Many people keep one or two pigs. Those who choose not to name them can fill their freezer with pork after a year or so.

Are you convinced? I haven’t mentioned the dark sky or the peace and quiet out there. The downsides are too few to mention, so move when you can, and live a better life. I hope I can one day. Well, we can all dream.

How To Turn Your Son Into The Next Jimi Hendrix

Okay, so, the chances of anyone becoming the next Jimi Hendrix are slim to none, right? Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t assist your child in becoming an axe wielding maniac of the musical kind. Not only does playing the guitar give kids something to keep them out of trouble, but it’s very good for their personal development and mental health too. While you might not realise it yet, music can have a significant impact on mood, and playing it yourself increased this impact tenfold. How do I know this? I’ve been playing the guitar for more than fifteen years now, and I still send myself into a meditative trance when I sit down with the instrument.


Image source

With all that in mind, I’m going to take a few moments out of my schedule this morning to explain how you should go about this endeavor. A lot of parents think that professional lessons are the way forward, but from my own experiences, I can tell you with all certainty that lessons are not the right way to go. If you want your son to become interested in the guitar, he needs to learn what he wants, when he wants. Tying him down to some kind of syllabus is never going to work.

Buy him a good guitar

I understand the reasons why some parents opt to get their son a cheap guitar at first, but that isn’t going to inspire him very much. For that reason, you should check out websites that list Rickenbacker, Fender, Gibson and Ibanez guitars for sale. While they might set you back a few hundred dollars, having a quality instrument is important if you want him to progress quickly and remain interested.

Play quality guitar music constantly

You son needs a burning desire inside of him for the guitar, and he’ll only get this when he fully appreciates what it can do. So, heading down to your local music shop or downloading some of the best albums from the internet is a good idea. You should look towards Eric Clapton, BB King, AC DC, Slade, Pink Floyd and any others you deem to be appropriate. Listen to them in the car on the way to school, provide him with a personal music player loaded with tracks for break times and start attending live music gigs together.

Help him start a band

No matter where your son goes to school, there will be at least one person with the skills needed to keep a beat on the drums, and so you should encourage your son to link up with him. Also, it can be difficult for kids to get gigs at music venues, so acting as their manager and helping them out with this is wise. Playing live is often what encourages musicians to continue with their trade. Each gig will provide him with a huge adrenaline rush he won’t ignore.

So long as you do all this, the chances of your son becoming a rock god will be vastly increased. Good luck with everything, and hopefully I’ll see him on the TV ripping licks like nobody’s business very soon!