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Four Reasons Why Moving Home Is Not Always the Best Option for an Expanding Family

18ix72d2pr0y4jpg[1]As a family grows the temptation for most is to move home to accommodate the new family members, but this is not always the best approach. It seems that all of your friends and family’s advice centres around the need for extra space to cope with a new child, but is this the best advice to take? It is wise to weigh up the pros and cons of moving home before making any final decision, especially as moving home is the biggest expense most people will ever face. Before reaching that final decision, here are a few reasons that I do not believe a move is always necessary.

Property Cost

With the arrival of a new family member, your finances will already need to stretch a little further, and adding the cost of a larger mortgage to your finances could put you in a precarious position. A larger house will usually mean larger bills too, as you need to regulate the temperature of a larger house as well as maintain it and pay tax on it. Is this really the best time to be increasing your outgoings?

Floor Space

The reason to change your home is usually related to increasing floor space, but how much extra do you really need? Will an extra child really mean that you need a bigger lounge area or kitchen? The reality is that all that is usually required is an extra bedroom, and you can easily achieve that without moving home. Lofts and basements have long been used to create extra bedrooms, but creating a new room in your garden (click here for some great examples) is a possibility that many people ignore but is often the perfect choice.


The stress of moving should be enough to change anybody’s mind about moving, so think carefully before deciding on your move. The logistics of moving all your belongings is hard enough, but the added worries of breakages and insurance claims can magnify the problem exponentially. If you are moving any distance, keeping the kids entertained on the journey, though possible, can be a nightmare; as can settling bills and closing down utility services be while setting them up at your new property. Moving is not for the faint hearted, and should, in my opinion, be the last choice.

Schools and Work

If you already have children, and they are in school, you have to consider the effect of moving on them too. You could be moving them to an area that means they need to start at a new school, and will have to leave their old friends and make new ones. For teenagers, this can be particularly troublesome; but will affect any child that has to relocate. Your new home could also cause problems relating to work, and whether it causes longer hours traveling, or difficulties while commuting, it is a problem that could be averted by simply not moving.

Perhaps your family really has outgrown your home; and if that is true, a move may be the most sensible option. However, moving home is seldom vital when a family expands, so consider these points before you commit to a new property.

Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Living Room

Your living might be the hub of your home. These spaces can be used for relaxing in front of the TV, curling up with a book, spending time with your family and entertaining guests. Given its importance, it’s crucial that this space looks and feels the part.

Even after you’ve painted, decorated and furnished this space, you might feel as though there’s something lacking from your lounge. The following design tips will help you to add those all-important finishing touches to the space.

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings can be inexpensive yet they have the power to transform the appearance of your living room. When you’re choosing these items, make sure they complement the colour of your walls. One great style tip for these spaces is to have a feature wall and mirror this colour with your rugs, curtains and cushions. This can add instant style and finesse to the room and it will create a coordinated look.

Add plenty of photos

To put your own stamp on your lounge, plenty of photos are a must. Placing images of your family, friends and pets around your walls will give the room a personalised appearance and will help you to feel at home.

For added artistic effect, include a few of your favourite landscape shots too. Perhaps you have some stunning holiday snaps that would look great displayed in your lounge. It’s now easy to buy beautiful frames from firms such as Go Frame It. You can take your pick from a range of colours, sizes and styles of frame, meaning you won’t struggle to achieve the look you’re after.

If your current images don’t fit the bill, it might be time to get your camera out and make some new ones. If you’d like to improve your technique behind the lens, you can get plenty of photo tips online.

Interesting artwork

On a similar theme, it’s a great idea to add some interesting artwork to your lounge. All too often, homeowners go for generic prints that they don’t have any real connection with.

By keeping your eyes open for artwork that really strikes a chord with you, you can personalise your room and give it added individuality. For example, look out for original artworks or paintings of your favourite places.


6058142799_d4422a8fe2_bThanks to Olga Reznik for the picture  

Re-visiting your lighting could help you to enhance the look of your living room too. Don’t see your lights as solely practical products. They can also be used to impressive artistic effect. Installing a combination of ceiling and wall lights, lamps, recessed lights and spotlights can help you to achieve a layered look. Using a variety of products will also help ensure you can change the ambiance of your room to suit your mood. Whether you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, a romantic vibe or a bright space to help you concentrate on a task, you’ll be able to do it at the flick of a switch.

By making a little extra effort to complete your lounge, you can guarantee you’ll end up with a space you adore.

How To Create A Relaxed Atmosphere In Your Family Home

Your family home should be a warm and welcoming place. If you have children, they are going to remember this property for the rest of their lives. For that reason, you need to work hard to ensure they experience the best-possible time before you sell and move somewhere different. With that in mind, we’re going to present you with a list of ideas this morning that should help you to create the relaxed atmosphere you desire. As we’re getting close to Christmas, temperatures outside are starting to drop. Considering that, you need to start work as soon as possible.

None of the suggestions we’re about to make are particularly expensive, and so you don’t have to worry about putting a huge strain on your bank account. So long as you remain creative and flexible in your approach, you could easily make improvements with as little as a few hundred dollars. Just take a read through and see if you come away with some good ideas.

Install a real fireplace

While coal might be a little more expensive than electricity, your family could benefit significantly from a real fireplace. Not only will your home become much warmer during the cold months, but it will also help to create the placid atmosphere you’ve been looking for. Just make sure you purchase a decent guard if you have small children running around. The last thing you want is to take a trip to the hospital this side of Christmas. Remember, you can also burn wood and whatever else you might have lying around.

Purchase alternative seating

Even if you have the most-comfortable sofas in the world, you still might like to invest in some alternative seating. Custom bean bags are available online for cheap prices, and so maybe you should take a look at them? Unlike the ones you might have seen in catalogs, custom bean bags can be made to your specifications using the materials you choose. That means you can get some seriously luxurious products that are guaranteed to keep your family comfortable. Your kids are going to love sitting on them, and that means you could end up spending more time with them.

Fit dimmer switches  

Dimmer switches began to lose popularity during the 1990s, but they are back on the shelves once more. They make little difference to your electricity bills, which is why we think you should consider getting some for your home. Most stores provide them for less than $20, and you can get a wide range of different designs. You’ll pay a little more for dimmers made from chrome and other metals, but they effects they cause are fantastic. Thankfully, you don’t need to be an expert electrician to fit these switches. There are a maximum of three wires on the other side, and everything is self-explanatory.

We sincerely hope the ideas in this post have given you the inspiration to start making changes and create a relaxed atmosphere in your home. Thank you for stopping by today. We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow!

400887772_385a11ac2f_zDavid George

Single Parents: How To Feel Secure In Your Home

49298994_8a723e8a4e_zSteve Cadman

Anybody who has ever slept alone in a creaky old house and woke up in the middle of the night only to hear a suspicious noise knows the terror it can cause. If there is another adult in the house, you don’t feel so worried because there is safety in numbers. When I became a single parent with a young child to take care of, I became anxious throughout the night and found it difficult to sleep. I am the only defense if somebody gets into the house. I know the chances are extremely slim that it would happen, but the fear was there nonetheless. I needed to secure the house for my peace of mind. It turns out that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

I have been there and done that, so I feel able to advise you on ways to keep yourself and your family safe. Here is how a single parent can feel more secure at home.

Windows And Doors

I asked Eyden Locksmiths for advice concerning my windows and doors. It turns out that the Yale lock on my front door isn’t as secure as a mortice deadlock. I had to ask my dad to fit one for me, but it isn’t as difficult as you might think. Armed with a drill, hammer and sharp chisel, it took about an hour to install. The back door now features one too. In addition to the mortice locks, I fitted sturdy bolts to the top and bottom of both doors. The only way through them now is with a battering ram or a grenade.

There was no facility to lock the handles on any of the opening windows in the house. I swapped them for new ones in only two hours. They are fixed to the windows with two screws each, and because they are a standard size, the new fittings used the same fixing holes. I can now secure all of the windows, and nobody can get in without making a racket.


I had heard about wireless alarm systems before but didn’t think I would be able to install one myself. How wrong I was. Everything runs on batteries, so there is no cable to install. If you know how to screw things to the wall, you will have no problem fitting a system in your home. I now have a detector in every downstairs room and a panic button by the front door and in my bedroom. It has been in operation for three months so far, and I haven’t had to change a single battery.

Security Lights

I paid an electrician to install a powerful security light that operates from a detector, on the back of the house. The model I chose came with a chime that I can plug into any socket. When the light comes on, the chime sounds and alerts me. As you can imagine, it was waking me up every time a cat walked by, so I have consigned that to the rubbish bin. The light is fantastic, and I can’t see an intruder wanting to hang around when it is on.

I am satisfied that the house is secure, and it helps me to sleep soundly. Nobody could gain access silently. They would then set the alarm off, and my neighbours would be round like a shot. If you are feeling vulnerable, adopt some or all of these measures in your home. You will not regret it.

The Only Guide to Dressing Your Bed You Will Ever Need

Your bed is the centre of your bedroom. It’s the first thing you or anyone else looks at as they walk into the room, and it’s where you lay your head at night. Since it’s such a big feature of your bedroom, it’s important that you pay special attention to it when you decorate. You probably don’t use it much during the day, so it should look good instead of looking like it’s taking up much-needed space. You might choose to go simple, with a sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase combination and no other frills. Or you might go all out and decorate with throws, quilts, throw cushions and blankets that you need to remove before you can go to bed. There is a range of things to consider, from bed frames right down to the smallest details.


Image source

Bed Frames and Mattresses

The first thing that you want to choose when setting up your bed is a bed frame. This is your starting point for the perfect bed. Think about who your bed is for and what you want it to do. If you need it to have storage space, do you want a divan bed with drawers or will you just keep things under the frame? Your bed frame could be metal, wood, leather or a combination of materials. Choose a frame that will fit with the vision of your room. A wrought-iron frame might not suit an ultra-modern style. Don’t forget to consider your mattress too. You won’t see its colour under your sheet, but you should still think about the height and size of it. For example, do you want it to rise over the bed frame or site inside it?


If your bed doesn’t come with a built-in headboard, you might want to consider adding one. They’re available in all shapes and sizes, as well as a number of different materials. It can stand out against the colour of your walls and bed, or it could subtly blend in. A large leather headboard can have a dramatic effect. Padded fabric headboards are great for a vintage theme, while wooden headboards can look either rustic or glossy and modern. If you want to get really creative, make a headboard out of books, a large mirror, a painting or anything else you can think of.

Runners and Throws

As well as your usual bedding, you can get decorative with runners and throws at the end of the bed. Throws can also double up as an extra layer if it gets chilly. They should go well with the rest of your bedding, either matching or contrasting nicely. Runners and throws make great accents, to add a splash of colour or a different pattern. Match them to your headboard or maybe even to the walls, with a lighter or darker colour on the rest of the bedsheets. If you like sewing and doing crafts, making your own bed runner is a fairly simple project to help you decorate your bedroom, all you need is a few tutorials and the best overlocker for your needs.

Throw Pillows

Like bed runners and bedspreads, throw pillows and cushions are usually purely for decorative purposes. Some people love to pile their bed with throw cushions, but it can be a pain to remove them every night and put them back on every morning. Throw cushions are great for building up the dimensions and texture of a bed, so it doesn’t look so flat. Plus, if you sit on your bed during the day or before going to sleep it gives you something to lean on. If you decide to use throw cushions, it’s a good idea to have somewhere to store them at night. A trunk at the end of the bed always looks great, but you can also use the storage under the bed. Just don’t throw them on the floor!


Link to image credit

Sheets, Duvet Covers and Pillowcases

If you’re choosing to keep things simple, then your sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are important. With no extra frills to embellish them, they’re the only thing making your bed look good. Go for some designer homewares to make sure your bedding is of top-notch quality. You should have several sets, either all the same or each of them matching the theme of your bedroom. Being able to match your bed to your room in a few different ways is fun, and this is easier if you stick to a simple set of bedding. Remember to think about how they feel, and not just how they look. You don’t want to buy a set of gorgeous satin sheets, only to find that they’re much too cold and slippery.

Quilts and Blankets

Perhaps when you dress your bed you prefer not to go the duvet route. Many people find having a single thick layer isn’t for them, and they prefer a number of thinner layers. This method makes it easier to add and remove layers as the seasons change. It’s also great for adding a layered effect to your bed.


You don’t have to have a four-poster bed to hang some dramatic curtains, although it does help. Curtains are great for a period look, or for making your bedroom seem like an exotic getaway. If you don’t have a four-poster bed, there are plenty of ways you can hang a canopy or curtains without one. One way is to use your headboard to give the appearance of curtains. After all, they’re really for decoration rather than for actually drawing shut. If you want a full set of drapes, you can hang L-shaped curtain rods from the ceiling, so your curtains hang around the bed. Simply draping some fabric over some curtain rods from the ceiling gives a great canopy effect too. Or you can buy a ready-made “princess” style canopy, like the ones that are very popular for little girls’ beds.

However you dress your bed, make sure your spare sheets fit in with the design scheme too. You don’t want to mess up your hard work just because it’s laundry day!

6 Surprising Reasons Your Family Should Move To The UK

Relocating your family is not a small decision. Deciding to take your family to a new, alien place and expecting them to like it is hard. Before you do anything, you should make sure that every member of your family, especially your children, is happy with the move.

When deciding where to move to you may neglect one of the most-obvious options. The UK is an astounding place in which to raise a family. There are many benefits to moving to Britain, yet few drawbacks to doing so. Here are six surprising reasons your family should consider moving to the UK.


Link to image

1. A Healthy Lifestyle

Over the past decade, Britain has become much healthier than it used to be. From the advent of the ‘Borris Bike‘ in London to new swim safe schemes across the UK, the people of Britain are now making positive steps. Bringing up your children in the UK means that they will get used to a healthy lifestyle. The exercise habits they make in their early years will take them right through to adulthood. You should always encourage your little ones to involve themselves in sports and active hobbies. In Britain there is a huge emphasis on sports and, in particular, football.

2. Cheap Housing Costs

Buying a home is quite reasonable in the UK. If you choose the right place to live you and your family can get a large home for a small price. For example, estate agents in Filton claim that you can get a family home in the UK for half the price of the same home in other countries. Look into different regions in Britain to find the cheapest place for you and your family. Cheap cities in which to live include Sheffield and Liverpool.

3. The National Health Service

Britain’s NHS is one of the best healthcare services in the world. If you live in the UK, you won’t have to spend lots of money on expensive health insurance. You will know that your family are in the safe hands of the National Health Service. If your child gets sick and needs attention then, he or she can see a doctor in the UK free of charge.

4. High Class Education

Aside from a fantastic health service, Britain also has great public schools. Education in the UK rivals many of the top countries around the world. The level of education your child will get whilst living in the UK will set them up for a life filled with success and many career prospects. Each education unit from primary schools to high-end universities are outstanding in the UK. There are many great institutes to choose from and so your child with have loads of options.

5. A Strong Economy

Like much of the western world, the British economy has recently taken a large hit. The good news is that the UK is recovering much faster than the rest of the world. In Britain, the work market and economy has begun to pick up. There are now far fewer people unemployed in the UK than in other countries. The economy has grown in strength over the last few years and is now quite strong. Moving to Britain offers you and your partner a great chance of finding a job.

6. Cultural Benefits

Unlike many newer countries, Britain has a great deal of culture and heritage. As the history of the people in Britain stretches further back than in newer countries, there is much more to learn about the UK. There are many historical castles and attractions you can take you children to if you should move to the UK.

How to Involve the Children in the Process of Choosing a Home

When you choose a home, it doesn’t just affect you and your partner; ‘the adults’. It affects your children too, no matter how young they are. Moving to a new place affects different people in different ways. In fact, younger children feel emotions more intensely than adults in some cases. Their fears may seem irrational, but to them they are very real. Even if you are only moving 10 minutes down the road, they might worry about losing touch with their friends or family. This is why it’s important you involve the children in the process of choosing a home. This is beneficial in many ways. Read on to look into this further:


Photo Author: Flickr

Involving children in the process of choosing a home isn’t just about asking them for their ideas on their views, but taking them seriously too. By involving them in this complicated process, they’ll learn skills that they can use later on in life, have fun, and make a connection with the area. They may even develop enough of a sense of ownership to tidy up after themselves, which is always a bonus! The important thing for adults is to be honest with the children about the process, so they understand it as best they can.

Take Them to Viewings

In order to properly involve the children, you should take them to house viewings. The estate agents in Redditch know that many adults don’t bother with this, but it’s better for them to see where they could move to rather than have a shock on moving day. Make sure they’re on their best behaviour, and involve them in discussions as you move around the house. Talk to them about things you could do with the rooms that may excite them.

Explore the Area

If you know the location you’ll be moving too, explore the area with the kids and have fun. Go for walks, have a picnic, go hunting for insects; whatever will make them want to return to the area!

Show Them Their New School

Moving to a new school is very scary for kids. If they’ll be moving to a new school along with a new house, take them to see it before it’s time for them to join. You can even just do this via their website online if it’s too hard for you to get there.

Talk to Them About Exciting Things to Come

Make sure the kids know that you’re still going to be doing lots of family activities together when you move.

Ask Them About Their Feelings

You don’t know what is going through your kid’s heads before you move, so ask them about their feelings and don’t get mad at them if they’re scared or angry.

Reassure Them

Reassure your kids that things are going to be just fine, and that they will love their new home before long. However, make sure you listen to them and don’t undermine what they’re telling you.

It’s also important that you let the kids say a proper goodbye to their old home. Why not have family and friends round for a little party before you move? This will be a lovely way to end your time in your first home and keep the kids happy!

Fast ways to refresh your bedroom

Fast ways to refresh your bedroomWhen you first think about redoing your bedroom – or your child’s – the idea might be a little daunting. Thinking about new furniture, fresh paint, and new everything else can be a bit much. Also, there is no way that you can accomplish all of that quickly, with a limited budget. But you’re also really tired of stepping into an outdated room that you don’t like any more. So, what can you do?

Change out the bed frame

One overlooked way to change the look of a bedroom in no time is to switch out the bed frames for a different style. If your existing frame is ornate and elaborate, go instead with a lower metal frame that is partially obscured by the mattress. This type of frame lets the bed linens become the star of the show so that you can buy everything from Disney Princesses for the kids to larger floral patterns or luxurious fabrics. If the frame hasn’t been a focal point, find one that adds some character to change up the room such as a large wooden frame with slats or a sleigh bed.

Purchase new bedding

Sometimes you get so used to your bed linens that they fade into the background. For a really quick way to change up the look of the entire room, get a new set of bedding. Go with a completely different bold color family, or choose a pattern rather than a solid block of color. Don’t forget that your window treatments may need a little updating as well – some bedding kits come with curtains or blinds plus pillow shams and bed skirts that match the new set. Regardless, the vibrancy of the new bed linens makes the entire room feel rejuvenated with hardly any changes made at all.

Paint the walls

Paint is one of the first things people tend to think of when they start planning a bedroom overhaul, but it’s often an overwhelming idea. To bring the workload down a few notches, consider just painting one accent wall or adding a painted feature in one part of the room. Murals often make a nice touch in children’s bedrooms whether they like football, superheroes or wildlife. If the entire room could use a good paint job, however, bite the bullet and get the job done. Once you’re finished, the bedroom will feel fresh and new, even if you don’t change another thing. Consider color palettes you wouldn’t normally put together, or try stripes or even spots. Buying new paintings or adding photographs to the walls can additionally make a massive difference – there are plenty of multi-photo frames on the market allowing you to show off your family snaps.

Take the pressure off and switch just one element of your bedroom to make a big difference to your space. Larger changes can always happen later if you still feel that they’re still necessary. As with cooking, keep in mind that simple ingredients can easily create a different flavor.

7 Must Have Gadgets for Mums

Mums often get stressed out with various things in their day to day lives. For example, moving a baby into their own room for the first time, or not being able to warm bottles when you’re out and about. That’s why I’ve found these 7 must have gadgets to help you! The following gadgets will make your life much easier and more enjoyable, so you have more time to spend enjoying your time as a little family:


Image Author: Flickr

1. The Super Spoon

Squirt from boon is more than just a silly little spoon. It’s the most amazing, super duper spoon you’ll ever have the pleasure of owning. All in a colourful, easy to clean, squeezy bulb you add a 3 ounce jar of baby food. This allows you to literally feed your baby single handedly, taking away a lot of the mess! You can even take food with you wherever you go by simply popping on the cap.

2. LED Night Light for Baby and Toddlers

Babies can sometimes find it hard to sleep on their own, especially in total darkness. Soothe them with an LED night light, so you know that they fall asleep feeling happy and comforted. You can turn the night light off once your baby has fallen asleep.

3. A Camcorder

A camcorder is a great bit of kit, but it’s essential for capturing all of your baby’s special moments. Their first steps, words, laugh, a tantrum – you can capture it all on film, ready to embarrass them with on their 18th birthday.

4. A Video Monitor

A video monitor helps mums who are anxious about their baby going in their own room for the first time. You can see them on your smartphone without leaving your own bedroom, so you know exactly what they are doing. This way, you won’t feel the need to check on them every 5 minutes!

5. The Travel Warmer

The travel warmer allows you to warm your baby’s milk without the help of a plug or a kettle. Simply heat up the travel cell before you leave the house, and when it’s time for your baby to have their bottle all you need to do is crack it and insert the bottle. It’ll stay warm for ages!

6. Bath Thermometer

A good baby bath thermometer will read the temperature of your baby’s bath water every few seconds, so you know whether it’s too hot or too cold for them at all times.

7. Germ-free Humidifier

Do you worry about your baby coming into contact with germs? With this germ-free humidifier, you can chill out about your baby becoming poorly. The ultraviolet light will kill mould, bacteria, and fungus before it has a chance to reach your baby.

Do you have a gadget that you and your baby just couldn’t live without? Let us know in the comments. The above 7 gadgets will definitely enrich your life and make being a mum easier and more enjoyable. Thanks for reading!



Bathroom Design Ideas For The Whole Family



Bathrooms must be functional and attractive spaces. That is sometimes difficult to achieve in modern homes when the rooms are so small. It is also a room that can add value and saleability to your home if you fit it to a high standard. It is in demand in the mornings when the children are getting ready for school and the adults for work, and it is the cause of many arguments at that time.

If you are about to refit your bathroom, there are some great ideas here that will make the most of it for the whole family. I hope there is something here that you can use.


A family home can suffer much damage from water if you don’t decorate the bathroom in the correct way. Tiles are the order of the day in this space. Use them from the floor to ceiling on every room and on the floor. The current trend is to use large tiles with a stone effect. The choice of colour is a personal one, but marble is as popular today as it was back in the days of the Roman empire.


If you are going to install a bidet, do you think people will use it much? Young boys would benefit more from a small urinal mounted at the best height for them. Think about it; no more splashes on the toilet seat. Boys are always in a rush because it interrupts they play. Urinals are perfect for the job.

Vanity Units

It has become common practice to install twin vanity units in modern rooms. If you have space, why not for three? It might solve the problem of overcrowding in the mornings, particularly if the toilet is in a separate room. Don’t forget to place a cabinet above each unit with suitable LED task lighting from or any other trusted seller.

The Bath

The bath must be big enough to wash two or more little children at a time. They prefer to bathe and have fun together, and it makes your life easy too. Keep all of the little blighters where you can see them! You have a wide choice of baths, as you will find out when you go online, or visit the showroom. Will you choose a model that goes against the wall, or  would you prefer a freestanding roll top unit. Maybe a corner bath will be your ideal.


Fit a double shower cubicle if you have room. There might come a time where you need to get into the shower to help one of the kids to wash, but it is nice to have some elbow room when you shower, regardless of that.


Be sure to fit an extractor fan in the bathroom. If the atmosphere is constantly moist, it will provide excellent conditions for the growth of mildew and other bacteria. Before you know it, there will be black spots on the seals around your bath and vanities, and the grout between the tiles will become dirty.

Is there something here that you would like to include in your room? It is a hive of activity, so make it into an efficient space with some of the ideas above and you can’t go wrong.