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Green Cleaning Methods for Eco-friendly Homes

Now it’s officially summer, it’s long past time to get your spring cleaning done. But if you haven’t had the chance yet, it’s never too late. If you like to live a green life, you might worry about the effect your cleaning products have on the environment. Fortunately, there are alternatives you can apply to ensure your summer cleaning is more eco-friendly than ever. As well as using green products, there are some techniques you can use to avoid applying too many chemicals around your home. Try some of these methods to clean the house without polluting the environment.


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Buy Eco-friendly Products

There are plenty of ready-made products out there that you can buy right off the shelf. If you can’t find any in a local store, you can get hold of them easily by ordering them online. You can find floor care that is eco-friendly, as well as solutions for your windows, kitchen and bathroom. Your cleaning products don’t need to contain harsh chemicals to clean your home properly, so look for alternatives if you aren’t happy with the ones you currently use.

Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions

As well as buying eco-friendly things to clean your home with, you can also make your own. There are lots of substances that have natural cleaning properties, from bicarbonate of soda to lemon juice. If you want to make your own products, you can find plenty of recipes or just tips for using raw or diluted substances online. Some of the things you can use include baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar and cornstarch.

Let Fresh Air In

Getting clean air circulating through your home will help to keep it fresh. The air outside can sometimes be polluted, but it’s often cleaner than the toxins that have built up inside your house. It’s also a good idea to let the air circulate to help prevent damp, especially in areas like the bathroom or kitchen where there’s a lot of steam and condensation. So throw open the windows now and then to let in some air.

Use Natural Air Fresheners

If you often spray a perfumed air freshener or use a plug-in fragrance, you might prefer to use something else. Instead of the artificial scent that you can get out a can, you can use more natural substances to improve the cleanliness of the air. You can use cloves, cinnamon and other herbs and spices, for example. You might choose to use a bowl of dried potpourri or even do some baking in the kitchen.

Use a Green Cleaning Service

If everything seems like a bit too much effort and you don’t have the time, get someone else to do it. You can find lots of green cleaning services who will come and clean your home in an eco-friendly way. They’ll only use green products and methods, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

You don’t have to pollute the environment just to keep your home clean. Make use of these green cleaning methods and you won’t have to be concerned about it again.

When it’s Time to Call a Professional Plumber


Don’t quiet yourself into thinking that you will never need a plumbing service. Even if you are knowledgeable with at home repairs, you may want to call on an expert every now and then for plumbing emergencies. Along with depending on your local plumbing technician for periodic emergencies, the following circumstances would be better left to experts.

No Hot Water

It’s apparent what took place, however unless your water tank is leaky, it might take some time to learn why. If your water tank is electric, it may be a poor heating component, a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, a defective thermostat, or a poor overload switch. On gas heating units, thermocouple burners as well as igniters can easily fail.

Nobody wishes to be without hot water for long. Your grandma might have heated tub water on the range, but individuals do not do it this way these days. Call a local plumber for this one; they most likely have plenty of experience and will let you know if you need a brand new heating unit or if the current one can be fixed. If the heating unit must be replaced, your plumbing technician will carry the new unit to the cellar, hook it up, ensure that it works correctly, and get rid of the old one.

Main Line Stoppage

If the toilet is backing up into your bathtub and showers the issue is more than likely the main line. This often requires specific equipment that many homeowners do not usually have. While leasing the equipment can be done, it is not recommended unless you have expertise using it. An expert will have experience making use of the equipment and cleaning the main line.

Water Heaters

Depending on this case it is not suggested to work on your own heating unit without proper guidance or experience. There are many things that may go wrong throughout a hot water heater repair. A seemingly easy adjustment might wind up making a leak even worse or leading to more damage.


If you realize you have an odor wafting through your house from one of your drains or from your backyard, or along with wet areas, you might have a plumbing related problem. It is possible that your drainpipes aren’t ventilated correctly or they have come to be clogged. Whatever the case might be, an expert plumber will help.

Your pipe system is probably the most essential part of your house. It’s almost impossible to get by without having clean, functioning plumbing, fixtures, and plumbed home appliances such as the water heater. If you learn your plumbing system is not working properly, you might have to hire a professional local plumber from a place such as to come take a look.

Revamp Your Child’s Room With These Awesome Decorating Ideas

One of the main reasons for not investing in an expensive nursery is that it won’t be long before baby grows up. And when they grow, they are likely to want to redecorate. Quite possibly with a pen, paints and other substances I don’t want to think about plastered all over the walls when you aren’t looking.

It’s at this point that you probably want think about giving their room a makeover. But, having been stung before, how can you make their room nice, but safe from their artistic desires? This little guide should help.


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Get Them Involved

All children draw on walls – it’s an essential part of their development. However, getting them involved with decorating can help them to understand the differences between a nice room and some random scribbles. It’s important to put them at the heart of the process. Take them with you when you are looking for new furniture, or ask them what colours they like. By giving them ownership, you are also giving them responsibility. Hopefully, they will embrace it!

Painting Or Wallpaper?

The choice of paint or paper all depends on how old your child is when you redecorate. There is little point in splashing out on another expensive roll of paper if you suspect their graffiti days aren’t quite over. Paint is probably the better choice of the two, as they can help you when it is time to get the brushes out. They will also be fascinated by the choice of colours – although some helpful guidance may be needed here!


Lighting tends to be forgotten when theming and designing a child’s new room. This is odd because the right brightness in the right places can give it such a lift. Think about dimmer switches, too, especially if your child struggles with the dark. If you live in a warm home, think about installing a fan alongside your lights to keep your little one cool during the summer. Kichler light fixtures could be a good idea here. Some of them they come with inbuilt fans and their designs will still look nice as your child grows up and, inevitably, paints the walls black when they hit their teenage years.

Wall Stickers

There is a huge range of amazing wall stickers that are every exciting for young children. You can stick up trees for a forest effect, or even go for a group of animals that will, without a doubt, be a source for many imaginary games. Stencils are another good idea and it will be a lot of fun painting over them with the little ones. You never know, you might have the next Banksy on your hands.


And now, the boring bit. Storage is so important, and without it, all your lovely work will be ruined in a single rainy afternoon. Go for bright colours or animal shapes to try and entice your child into the art of tidying. The earlier you encourage tidiness, the less work there will be for you in the future, and the more relaxed your home environment will be.

Have a great time redecorating your child’s room with them!

Essential Home Security Advice For Keeping Your Family Safe

When it comes to keeping your family home safe and secure, you should spare no expense. The last thing you want is to come home from a night out to find that someone had broken in and stolen all your valuables. Luckily, there is some fantastic technology around these days that could help to make sure that never happens. To give you a helping hand, we’re going to mention some of the most vital steps you need to take on this page. We hope that publishing the information will mean more people take the right precautions. After all, it’s only your family that will suffer if you fail to take heed.

  • Get a good alarm

The very first thing you need to do is head out and get a good house alarm. Ideally, you should aim to spend a few hundred dollars to ensure you are getting a premium product. You should also ensure the alarm you select comes with an array of motion sensors. That will mean nothing can move in your house without it going off. If you have dogs and cats at home, you will have to get used to putting them in an area of the property that your sensors can’t see. Otherwise, your neighbors are sure to make some complaints.

  • Consider CCTV

CCTV around the exterior of your property should help to capture any illegal behavior on tape. That is handy if a criminal manages to get inside your home because you will have HD video of their actions. That will help to make the police’s lives easier when it comes to finding the person and bringing them before the courts.

  • Take self-defense classes

Nobody wants to think about what might happen if a criminal breaks into their home while they are in bed. However, the last thing you want is to expose your children to such danger. So, taking some self-defense classes could be a good idea. Just make sure you have all the best self-defense products in your bedroom so that you are ready to jump into action if anything untoward happens.

  • Install a floodlight response system

Even if you worked hard on making sure you selected the right property in the best location, you are still vulnerable to criminals. Installing a sensor floodlight system in your garden could be a wise move. It will illuminate any criminals if they try to get into your home without permission. That is usually enough to scare them away. However, it will also help the authorities to secure a conviction because you will get a much clearer image of the culprit on your CCTV.

We are confident your home will be as secure as possible if you follow all those tips. Most families never have to worry about burglars getting into their home, but sod’s law suggests it will happen to those who failed to prepare. So, now is the best time to head out and purchase some high-end security devices. To make savings, you should check online auction websites. However, it’s best to get your items from a reputable firm. That way, someone else will almost certainly deal with the installations.




4 Ways to Give Your House a More Homely Feel


When you move into a new house, you just have walls and empty rooms waiting to be given your personal touch. It won’t feel like home until you make it your home. So, where do you start? Will it be big or small things that determine what feels ‘homely’? There are plenty of ways for you to turn your new house into a ‘home’, remembering that it’s about the inside as well as the outside of your house that matters.

1. Blinds, Awnings and Shutters

Unless you’re the type of person that likes a curtain-less window, interior blinds serve many purposes, from privacy to protection from the elements. While there are many businesses that specialise in these, make sure you choose a reliable one like Stylewise Security to take you through the process from the mere idea to installation. These days, there are so many styles, textures and colours to choose from, not to mention advances in engineering that have produced fire retardant materials that also withstand fading, odour absorption and staining! There are also exterior shutters to enhance security or awnings to protect against harmful UV rays. Click here to look at several options.


Not all of us like the colour of the walls when we move into a new house. What better way to make it your own, than adding a fresh coat of paint? That way, you can have different colours in different rooms and make the whole family happy. Consider something bright for the living room, a medium hue for bedrooms and maybe a darker shade for the study. And now, you even have the choice of paints that are resistant to mould, or are textured to look like different materials – suede for example.

3. Pictures

Nothing turns a house into a home better than pictures. Now, pictures can be photos of family, friends, pets, or artwork, or perhaps posters (the latter will suit the teenagers in the family just fine). Photos of the family on vacation, or portraits taken at different stages of your kids’ lives are important. Some art that you like will be a nice touch – whether you prefer classic or contemporary, it will mean something to you, and you’ll feel good seeing them up on the wall.

4. Accessories or ornaments

Furniture is one thing. We all need chairs, sofas, tables and shelves. But what you add to them is what makes a difference. Without being tempted to clutter your home with numerous unnecessary items, choose carefully some cushions or a throw for your living room. A rug. Have a few souvenirs from vacations strategically placed on tables, shelves, the wall or floor depending on what they are. Have one nice big feature clock – that’s all you need. Maybe a nice lamp, or candles if you’re into that.

It doesn’t take much to give your house a more homely feel. Some carefully purchased investments like blinds and awnings will last a long time. And other smaller things can be changed or replaced when you feel like it. To give your home more of a ‘soul’, get everyone involved. It’s all about filling your home with things that really mean something to you, and turning it into a place that you can’t wait to come home to!

How To Choose The Right Apartment For Your Family

These days, most families can’t afford to buy a property. Yes, there are some government schemes in place to help them on the property ladder. But people need to pay large deposits before getting considered for a mortgage. And that’s what helps them decide to stick with moving to rented homes instead.

If you’ve got a young family in tow, and you want to live near the city, you might be considering living in an apartment. They are cheaper to rent, and are plentiful inside inner-city areas. Today I will share with you some tips on how you can choose the right apartment for your family! Here is how to find the perfect place for your family:


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Which area do you want to live in?

The first thing to consider is where you and your family want to move. There is an almost endless list of places to consider. I say “almost” because your budget will restrict you to living in some areas only.

I recommend making a shortlist of places that you might want to consider moving to. That way, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to searching for an apartment.

Do some research on the neighbourhood

Now that you have a list of possible areas to move to, the next stage is to spend some time researching them. For example, is crime a problem? Where are the nearest schools and what are they like? What types of people live in those areas? Are they affluent or home to blue-collar workers?

Apart from doing online research, I also suggest that you do a “drive-by” of each area at various times of the day. While the Internet is a good research source, you shouldn’t 100% rely on the information you read. It’s best to see the neighbourhood for yourself before making any final decisions.

For example, when I moved to a rental apartment, I made sure I checked the area out first. That’s because I wanted my family to live in a safe neighbourhood close to various amenities.

What facilities are on offer?

You might think that when you rent an apartment, all you’re paying for is the apartment. And that you’re also contributing to the upkeep of communal areas.

Some apartment blocks like Ultris Wynnfield Lakes also come with a whole host of features. A few places offer things like fitness centres, kids play areas and so forth. Granted, you might have to pay extra for the privilege of such facilities. But it’s OK if you plan to make good use of them.

Is the apartment well-maintained?

Before you decide to pay a deposit and move in, you need to check the level of maintenance in the apartment. Just because an apartment block might look modern and well-kept on the outside doesn’t mean it is on the inside!

Check with the management company or the landlord what major work got done recently. For example, they might have installed a new central heating system. That way, you can be sure that you won’t need to call them out to fix things all the time.


Could Your Family Benefit From A Home Extension?

If your property has become too small to house your family, there are only a few options available. Presuming you don’t have the funds or desire to purchase somewhere new, it makes sense to pay for an extension. Doing so could bring many different benefits for those who live with you. Just in case anyone reading this post isn’t convinced about how much difference an extension could make to their property, we’ve listed a number of plus points below. At the end of the day, work of that nature doesn’t come cheap. So, you will still have to make a significant investment. However, it will be much cheaper than buying somewhere new, and a lot less hassle.


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More space

It might sound obvious, but we thought it was sensible to point out that a home extension will give you more space. Depending on which area of your property you plan to extend, that could mean you get a bigger kitchen or perhaps more bedrooms. You could give those to any aging family members who need extra care. It all comes down to how much money you’re willing to spend, and which parts of your home are suitable for the work. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to weigh up all the pros and cons of building an extension off different rooms. Remember, you can always add space upstairs at a later date. You’re just going to need something on the ground floor first.

Increased value

There is no getting away from the fact that any home extensions you perform are going to add a significant amount of value to your property. That means spending so much cash now isn’t the worst idea in the world. So long as the work is carried out to a professional standard, the value of your home should increase far beyond the initial investment you made. Considering that, extending your property could make good financial sense. You will reap the monetary rewards whenever you decide to sell up in the future.

No need to pack your life away

If you choose not to extend your home, the only other way of getting the extra space you require will be to move somewhere new. As we said only a moment ago, that will be far more costly. However, that isn’t the main reason you should stay put. Moving house is incredibly stressful for everyone involved. You have no choice but to pack your lives away and kiss goodbye to all those special memories. Do your kids a favour and extend instead. There is nothing worse than having to move from place to place when you are young. Children need to feel like that have roots, and they’ll never get that if you keep sending them to different schools. Stability is key!

Presuming you read all those points, the benefits of a home extension should be obvious. All you have to do now is work out which local specialist is most capable of handling the job. Of course, there are lots of review websites you can use to find suitable tradespeople.


Fantastic Tips For Making A Shared Bedroom Special

Do you want to create a beautiful bedroom that both your children will love, but don’t know where to start? For parents who have children sharing a bedroom, it can be hard to know where to start when designing a bedroom both children will love.

Designing a beautiful shared bedroom that both of your little ones will be happy with, is actually much easier than you think. Believe it or not, a shared bedroom can be just as fun and unique as separate bedrooms, and twice as fun.


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To help you make your children’s shared bedroom special, we have put together five fantastic tips below.

1. Be consistent with the design

Layout is vital when designing a shared bedroom. Everyone needs their own space, even babies and small children.

The key to giving your littles ones their own space in a shared room is the layout. Use different corners and areas of the room to create individual zones for each child. Just make sure to keep the design elements consistent so that each area of the room works well with the rest of the space.

Don’t forget to plan the design so that it grows as your children do. Invest in good quality furniture, bed linen and mattress toppers that will last.

2. Design a flexible space

Although your little ones share the room, it doesn’t mean that everything in there has to be shared. That is why it is essential that you create flexible play areas that they can share and play in together, as well as areas for alone time.

To give your child the opportunity for alone time, perhaps you could have an indoor tent or small den for each child to play in.

3. Split the room

Most children who share a space, like the idea of having a formal division in place. Dividing your children’s bedroom can be as simple as drawing a line down the centre of the floor or adding a curtain divider.

If however, you rent your home and adding a curtain or drawing a line is not a possibility, think about your other options. Perhaps you could invest in bunk beds that go in different directions and use them to mark each child’s territory? Or perhaps you could split the room using furniture?

4. Add personality to the space

Just because your children share the room, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t reflect their personalities. There are plenty of ways you can make a shared bedroom as personal as separate ones. Use toys, artwork, photographs and accessories to reflect each child’s personality, likes and hobbies.

You could also use two different colour schemes in the room, and then use one unified wall to keep the room consistent.

5. Don’t forget storage space

Make sure to take storage space into account when designing your children’s new bedroom. With two children sharing one space, you will have double the stuff, so will need ample storage options.

Consider investing in beds with storage space, such as cabin beds, stacking crates or ceiling storage. Think about what would work best in the space and go from there.


Magical Design Ideas for Your Kid’s Bedroom

Everything that a child experiences as they grow up helps to shape them as an adult. I for one, remember many things that happened to me as a child and believe they contributed to my personality. I’m sure you do too. With this being the case, what could be better than designing your child a magical bedroom? It’s the place they’ll spend most of their time; playing, sleeping, doing homework, etc. Here are some tips that they’ll thank you for when they grow up:

Apply Wall Decals

Wall decals are great little tools for making a room more personalised and artistic. There are lots of different styles, so there’s something to suit every kind of child. You could get their name, the outline of a fairy, butterflies, animals, and more. They’re really easy to apply too, so you don’t even need that much patience to do it! In fact, I bet your little one would be happy to oblige (although you should supervise). Don’t worry, you can’t even tell that they are stickers. They look painted on!

Incorporate Plenty of Colour

Children’s rooms should be full of colour and excitement, although there are a few ways you can do this. You could go all out by using playful shades of yellow, green, red, purple, orange, etc. Or you could use pastels, which are a bit more calming for kids who can’t sleep very well at night.

Make Their Bed Double Up as Something Else

Instead of giving them a boring bed, let them have a bed that doubles up as something else. Be honest; we all wanted one when we were kids! You could get a pirate ship bed, a bed with a slide attached to it, a bed that looks like a dolls house…there really is no limit. You can even find designer boys beds in the shape of a big red bus. It might seem like a silly expense, but they’ll absolutely love it!

Mix and Match

Kids don’t want things to be perfect and matchy matchy. They’re not boring like adults. Instead, mix and match colours and pattern. You can do this by buying mixed sets of furniture, cushions, and accessories. It looks so much more fun!

Release Your Inner Artist

If you want to personalise your child’s room a bit, you can release your inner artist. Paint their favourite cartoon characters on the wall. Decorate old furniture to make it look like it came out of a scene from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Cut out Peter Pan’s shadow on a piece of paper, place it over a lamp, and his shadow will play in the room.


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Make a Tipi

Another wonderful way to get crafty; make your kids a tipi. Kids love to have a ‘den’ to play in, and it’s also a great place to read or do homework. You won’t have to force them to go up to their room ever again!

Imagine how thrilled your child will be when they see their magical new room!

Top Changes You Should Make To Your Home After Having Children

If you’re lucky enough to have just welcomed a new life into the world, you will have your work cut out. Looking after small children can be an incredibly stressful job. Not only that, but you may have to make lots of alterations to your property in order to accommodate them. We all know how prone kids are to accidents, and so it’s important you limit the chances of them being seriously injured. Most of the changes you need to make are pretty simple. You just have to think like a child in order to work out which areas of your home are most dangerous. While common sense is the best solution, you might like to consider some of our suggestions…


Jessica Pankratz

Invest in slipcovered furniture

The chances of your child dropping or spilling something on your furniture stand at somewhere close to 100%. For that reason, you need to invest in some new products that can be cleaned without too much hassle. Slipcovered furniture companies provide excellent items that have removable covers. That means you can take them off and wash them without having to pay for a specialist. While you might have to spend a lot of money for the best quality furniture, it’s most certainly worth the expense. Just ask any other mother on your street.

Cover those sharp edges

Small children slip and fall all the time, and that is why it’s vital that you cover all the sharp edges in your home. That is especially the case if you have marble countertops in your kitchen. Thankfully, there is no need to get the sander out and round them off. In fact, you can get some cheap products that solve the problem. Most of them are made of rubber, and they are fitted over your sharp edges to ensure anyone bumping into them leaves uninjured.

Look for alternative lighting solutions

We all know how difficult it can be for a small child to fall asleep in the evenings. So, it might be sensible for you to look for some alternative lighting solutions. Adding some lamps or dimmer switches could help you to create a more relaxed atmosphere. In turn, that could mean your child get to sleep much faster. The last thing you want is to deal with a kid that refuses to close his eyes because you are in a brightly lit room.

Install a stair gate

Children are not capable of walking down stairs safely until they are at least a couple of years old. However, most of them will attempt to do so regardless. That could lead to them getting hurt, and it could result in a lot of worrying medical visits. To eliminate the possibility of that happening, you must install a good quality stair gate as soon as possible. If nothing else, it will give you peace of mind.

So long as you make all those basic changes to your home, you shouldn’t encounter too many safety issues. We hope your child grows up to become a healthy and well-balanced individual.

Good luck!