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5 Ways Single Moms Can Stretch a Part-Time Income

You might have a part-time job by choice or out of circumstance, but either way you can still make things work if you are a single parent. Those who are high income earners might get to go on expensive yearly vacations, but the other 51 weeks of the year they will be missing their family. Read the job descriptions website to find positions that won’t limit your time with your family and will still pay you handsomely. A part-time income can be plenty enough to care for your family if you follow these five helpful tips.

  1. Live Off the Land

Just by growing a few staple vegetables, like tomatoes, lettuce, and cabbage, you could save hundreds on your grocery bills. If you have space in your backyard to erect a chicken coop, you could completely eliminate the need to purchase eggs. Some families have gone as far as raising their own cattle and planting full sized gardens so that they can live in a more cost-effective manner.

  1. Start a Family Based Business

Do you and your family make beaded jewelry for fun? Have you received oodles of compliments every time you bring your apple pie to work based events? Consider creating a family based business that can help you to pay the bills while getting in some extra quality time with your kids simultaneously. Chances are that your kids would love to help and having the chance to contribute would make them feel quite proud of their efforts.

  1. Cut Out All the Extras

If you pay for basic cable you could spend more than $1,200 a year on in-home entertainment. Ordering pizza for dinner once a week can add up to another $1,000 a year wasted. Monthly car payments are another splurge that your family can avoid if you elect to walk, use public transportation, or ride a bike to local places. There are also car sharing services available for longer trips that can be way more cost-effective than buying and maintaining a vehicle year after year. Parents who believe that being there for their kids is more important than working full-time have to find other ways to decrease their family’s living expenses.

  1. Share Your Home with Another Single Parent

It might not be reasonable for you to invite a single, childless roommate in your home if you have children, but sharing a space with another single parent can help both of your families to flourish. You would have to spend less money on babysitting services and you and your single parent roommate could take turns cooking dinner and cleaning. As long as you both have similar lifestyles, you might find that your new roommate becomes like another member of your family.

  1. Coupon Constantly

Whether it’s time for back to school shopping or you’re getting ready to embark on your weekly grocery shopping trip, there’s literally a coupon for everything available nowadays. Want to rent a new movie over the weekend? Look for a coupon that will make your family’s entertainment choices cheaper, or perhaps even free. Cut the cost that you pay for shampoo, on afterschool snacks, and for every other tangible good that you and your family regularly enjoy.

Remember that families make up communities. Moreover, involvement in your community will make you feel even more capable of raising your family on limited funds. Attend local activities where you can find other like-minded parents and your income can go even further.

How to Teach Your Child to Use the Internet

As a parent, it’s up to you to teach your child important skills that will help them to be successful in life. In today’s digital age, one of those skills they absolutely must learn to master is how to use the Internet. And it’s not just about how to perform searches and find funny videos, it’s about teaching them how to use the Internet in a safe and responsible manner. They also need to be able to identify which sites and what content is trustworthy.

So where do you begin in teaching your child how to use the Internet? At what age should you introduce them to the Internet? Should you give them free rein of it? Here are some tips and advice that should make the teaching process as smooth as possible.

Introduce Them to the Internet at a Young Age

Because society is so heavily reliant on digital tools such as the Internet, the fact is that your kids will need to know how to use it. With that in mind, it’s best to introduce them to it at a fairly young age. That doesn’t mean you hand them a tablet and walk away, instead the experience can begin more as a mentoring type of relationship.

You can be the one who is actually using the Internet but have them watch what you are doing. You can perform searches for content that relates to their age group and would be interesting to them. Take for example a toddler, you can be showing them educational content online, including videos and games. They aren’t going to understand the “Internet” or how you are making these things appear on the screen, but it does act as an introduction that there is this tool that can be used to find information.

If your child is a little older, perhaps just entering school, then it can be used for more age appropriate content. After watching you perform searches and navigation exercises, you can let them give it a go.

Discuss Online Safety

Once kids are old enough that they are showing interest in the Internet on their own, meaning they know the basics so they could technically find their way around, then it’s time to discuss Internet safety. There are some basic rules you can teach them, which are:

  • If you come across a site that seems inappropriate, turn off the screen immediately and tell an adult.
  • Don’t click on links to outside pages.
  • Learn to question content you read and look for reliable websites and sources.
  • Everything that is posted online is permanent so give thought to what you post.
  • Don’t chat with people you don’t know, and don’t respond to emails if you don’t know the person.

Find that Middle Ground

While it’s certainly important to be aware of your child’s online activities, it’s also okay to give them a bit of independence. Let them explore and get creative. The Internet can be a great source of fun and entertainment, such as the Rage Maker site which allows users to create their very own memes, which is the big trend nowadays.

Preparing and Educating Your Kids in a Fun and Engaging Way

Teaching your kids how to use the Internet is a reality of today’s times, so doing so in a way that is safe, fun, and engaging is always the best plan.

How to Reduce Costs of IVF?


Infertility has become more and more common problem  among couples all over the world. It is estimated that even one out of every five couples cannot conceive within a year of trying. In Vitro Fertilization is the most effective method of infertility treatment, yet it is also most expensive one. Especially in the Western countries the costs of even one cycle of the procedure can be far too high for an average couple. What to do when the treatment seems to be your only option? Here is how to reduce the costs of IVF.

Costs of IVF

In Vitro Fertilization is a procedure in which the egg cell obtained from woman’s body is combined with sperm cells in laboratory conditions. It is usually preceded with diagnosis, tests, preparation involving premedication and hormonally stimulated ovulation as well as actual collection of cells. The cells are genetically tested both before and after fertilization. After that the laboratory specialists conduct further examination of resulting embryos, later transferred to woman’s uterus or cryopreserved. The doctors monitor results throughout the whole process and at the end verify whether the pregnancy occurred. It is visible that In Vitro Fertilization is a complex procedure requiring high precision, much effort and scrutiny. It needs to be performed in well-equipped laboratory by experienced specialists. Therefore the financial value of the service is advanced hence the high price. What needs to be taken into consideration when estimating cost of the procedure is the total price of comprehensive treatment including tests, medications and control visits and unfortunately you ought to prepare to pay a lot. However the total cost that needs to be paid for the full procedure vary significantly from clinic to clinic and, what’s more important, from country to country.

Low-cost IVF

Thankfully there is a possibility to find clinics in other locations that offer high-quality procedures of IVF treatment for prices few times lower than in Western countries. For those couples who are willing to travel for the IVF and combine the treatment with well-deserved vacation there are number of destinations available. The most popular countries that are visited in order to undergo In Vitro Fertilization are Cyprus, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland or Spain. For example the Polish clinics are chosen by the growing number of couples from Germany, England, Russia, Scandinavia, Australia and USA. The extremely low costs comparing to their countries of origin are not the only incentive to visit Poland for IVF. Polish facilities offer high quality of procedures and care exceeding European standards and very high success rates. Number one Polish IVF clinics INVICTA can successfully compete with best Western facilities in cutting-edge procedures with even higher efficacy and all of in for just a fraction of the price (to find out more visit

How to choose the clinic?

The low cost of the treatment cannot be the only thing we look into when deciding on a clinic for In Vitro Fertilization. It is possible to find a place with very low prices but with not necessarily good quality or without satisfactory success rates. Also there are facilities that can hide some costs of treatment and for example advertise with just the cost of fertilization without collection of cells or transfer of embryo. The hidden costs may be the medication, the tests or there is another fee that need to be pay for any other service required for the success of IVF. Therefore it is important to choose the clinic with transparent data on total costs of comprehensive treatment. Also some facilities offer all inclusive programs in which you pay one, usually discount price for having the whole treatment in the clinic. Also you need to seek the centre of a high reputation with necessary certificates and healthcare standards as well as with established high efficacy rates. With those taken into account you are able to find the facility performing top-quality procedures of infertility treatment with best chances of success for the price that is more than affordable.

Reasons Why A Cockapoo Makes A Great Family Dog 

When you are looking for a family dog, it is important to take into consideration the needs of all the family.  If your family is busy with school, work and other commitments it is crucial that you don’t take on a dog that you can’t look after properly and give the necessary amount of stimulation and exercise.

With the above in mind, and if you do have a busy family but want an additional member that will give you lots of joy and happiness, you should speak to local Cockapoo breeders about the possibility of getting yourself one of these dogs.

Why should you choose a cockapoo?  Here are just some of our favourite reasons why.

Incredibly Cute

Although it is definitely not wise to just choose a dog breed based on looks, it is something that you will undoubtedly factor into your decision.  Cockapoos are the perfect mixture of the breeds they come from – Cocker Spaniels and Poodles.  The nice thing is that even full-grown adult cockapoos look just as cute as puppies.


There is nothing worse than trying to find a nice addition to your family, only to discover the dog you have chosen does not get on with your partner or your children.  With a cockapoo, there is no chance of this happening as they are a particularly friendly breed that loves to make new friends with humans and animals.

Less Likely To Cause Problems With Allergies

Often you will read about cockapoos being referred to as hypo-allergenic.  While this is an exaggeration, it is still true that cockapoos are less likely compared to other breeds to cause problems if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies.

This is largely thanks to the fact they don’t shed much at all, which means that the dead skin cells that usually cause allergies don’t tend to come into contact with people in your household.

They Don’t Require As Many Exercises As Other Breeds

Some dog breeds require a lot of exercise and stimulation.  Many require a full scheduled exercise regime.  Cockapoos are not one of those types of dog breeds.  While it is recommended that you still take them out at least two times a day, they do not require for their health and well-being (both physical and mental) to be walked until they drop.

This makes them ideal for families as you may be busy throughout the week with work and school commitments.

They Love Fun And Play

Almost contrasting in some ways to the point above, cockapoos are by no means lazy dogs.  They love to have fun and play with people and other animals.  You will find that your cockapoo will be as active as you need or want them to be and will appreciate any time you spend with them – rolling on the grass, swimming or just running around.

The right dog for you and your family, obviously depends on your own circumstances and lifestyle.  However, based on the list above, we are sure you will agree that a cockapoo would be an excellent addition to the family.

5 Tips for Designing your Family Bathroom

Designing a bathroom for your own personal use and for your whole family are two completely different tasks. Of course, the main point in both cases is to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, but once you have to keep your whole family in mind, you should approach the overall design and organization more seriously. This is especially true if you have to think about older people and/or children in your family. In that respect, you may find the following tips considerably helpful.

1. Plenty of room and storage

In your family home you may want to have one or two extra smaller bathrooms, but when it comes to a family one, it should definitely be a bit bigger in size. After all, there has to be plenty of freedom of movement, especially if both you and your partner will bathe your kids or want to make this space safe for the elderly. Therefore, the first thing that you should consider is to expand the space if it’s necessary. If it’s not, you should analyze the best layout possible so that it’s easy to move around and get into the bath/shower.

2. Adequate storage space

Together with a functional layout, storage space, and plenty of it, is another essential aspect of an effective family bathroom. Since it is for a whole family, you have to make sure that the space can actually hold everyone’s belongings, toiletries and enough of towels. It’s important to keep all the bathroom stuff in the bathroom itself where you can reach anything you need instantly, so that you don’t have to leave your child unsupervised in order to get an extra towel in other room or their favorite bath duck. Aside from functional cabinets under the sink, one of the smartest investments for a family bathroom includes complete utilization of wall space, with wall cabinets and floating shelves.

3. Bathroom safety

One of the main things you have to keep in mind for a family bathroom is a complete safety of everyone using the bathroom. In that respect, you don’t want to get bathroom elements, sink and tubs included, that have sharp edges. Go for rounded ones instead. With that in mind, avoid using glass doors for your tub and opt for a curtain instead. Also, make sure that your bathroom and tub floors are not slippery. You should make use of anti-slip, water-resistant mats to boost the overall safety of your bathroom. Of course, don’t ignore the need for soft close hinges and toilet seat either. Moreover, you may want to get a thermostatic control switch as well as a safety regulator for the bath tap to avoid any accidents.

4. Bath tubs, showers or both?

In general, there’s no right answer when it comes to choosing between a bath tub and a shower. Both options are good for different purposes. In general, freestanding bath tubs are perfect for relaxation and very useful for bathing children. This is definitely one of the best options for a family bathroom. However, if you have enough room in your bathroom, you may want to include a curbless shower as well since this would be extremely helpful for the older members of your household.

5. Personalization

It’s important that you add your family’s personal touch to the family bathroom. You don’t have to be extreme, but the tile colors/patterns and paint can definitely help you personalize this space properly. Add a decorative plant at a safe place as well as family photos and even children’s illustrations as a wall décor. If you want to make your family bathroom fun for your small children primarily, you can also check out various stickers available that will make the bathing experience more enjoyable for kids but can be easily removed later on.

The more people in your household you include in this design project, the better the final results will be. Don’t feel pressured that you have to do all the work on your own. What’s more, take constructive advice from the professionals you hire to help you with the design of your family bathroom so that there are no problems whatsoever with using the bathroom safely and happily for as long as possible.

Investments That Will Also Benefit Your Family in 2018

2017 is the year of savings for many of us. We covered a lot of subjects on how to save money on various things, including the many savings you can make on monthly expenses and the family holiday this year. With 2018 just around the corner, it is time to utilise the money you have saved and start thinking about investing.

There are a lot of interesting investments you can make in 2018. The cryptocurrency market is livelier than ever and there are more investment instruments to choose from too. In this article, however, we are going to focus on the investments that will also benefit the entire family. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Your First Property

If you still rent a house or a flat, 2018 is the perfect year to consider buying your own property. There are two reasons that make this particular investment very appealing. First of all, the property market is filled with gorgeous properties at stunning prices, so you will be able to grab the dream house you have always wanted for less.

The second reason is access. There are more financial institutions and third-party services available to help you make your first property purchase. There are plenty of resources you can access online too, including services of the best conveyancing solicitors in London and other areas across the country.

You only need to look at the best deals and special offers on mortgage loans to know that owning a house is more affordable than you think. Instead of spending the money on monthly rent, you can put the same amount towards your mortgage instalment. There is also the added bonus of the property’s value going up over the years.

A Higher Degree

Even when you don’t plan to return to your career, an investment in a higher degree is very rewarding in different ways. For starters, you can pick up new and useful skills that can help you be a better mum, entrepreneur, and person in general. The value of the degree is even higher if you are planning to return to a career once the kids are old enough.

You don’t have to be a full-time student to pursue a higher degree; in fact, you shouldn’t. Online courses from top universities in the UK are both accessible and affordable. Choose a program that suits you and you’ll be well on your way to earning a master’s degree.

The Stock Market

Last but certainly not least, there is the wealth of opportunities to invest in the stock market. There are two ways you can put your money to work and buy shares. You can either buy into mutual funds with good potential returns or you can open a trading account yourself.

The latter is a bit more complicated – and requires a more hands-on approach – but it is also more rewarding. Spend enough time to learn about the best shares to buy and how the market works and you too can be a great trader from the comfort of your home.

So, are you ready for 2018? Consider these investments and strengthen the family’s finances this year.